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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Am I the only person who can do the dishes?

I bring home the bacon (or, at least some of it), fry it up in the pan and then I have to clean the damn pan! I'll tell you, there's something terribly wrong with this scenario. And, it's got nothing to do with the fat content of bacon. Remember yesterday when I said that once the kids were gone, we'd be running around naked? Well, scratch that. There will be no more nakedness in this house until someone learns how to do the dishes! I am not going to mention this someone's name. It will only make me angrier. I'm just going to try to remain cool and collected as I bang every pot, rattle every dish and hammer every piece of silver ware. he sleeping? Not to worry....nothing will wake him from his slumber. He's been well-fed.

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Anonymous said...


No nakedness? That's no way to start a weekend! Be naked with your man and leave the dishes go.
Only 5 days until my plastics!
Need your email to send you pictures.