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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April 15: MOVE ON DAY

April 15. Tax day. Also, the day when anyone going off to graduate school has to decide where they will go. Yes, I had to pay my taxes. No, I am not going off to grad school. My son is. Yet, being the parent that I am---the torture and the agony he went through--they were also mine. Taxes and parenting. They never end. But somehow, we get through. The human's alive and well and living in those of us who let it. Sometimes we just have to find the silver lining. Or, the red stiletto. Preferably one with wheels. So we can move on.

Speaking of taxes---I read about this CPA in Hoboken NJ who runs a portable income tax service--Tax Tavern-- he sets up in various bars each year from early January through April 15 . Pretty ingenious on his part...don't you think? “No matter what’s going on in the economy, you’re going to need an accountant. And no matter what’s going on in the economy, you’re going to want to drink,” he was quoted as saying. Good quote. I could like this guy. Although, I'll admit--- it's probably not so good to promote the idea that taxpayers should drown their tax bill sorrows on a bar stool. On the other hand, bar stools do have their proper place in life. As far as I am concerned, that is. Don't look so shocked. I already told you---I like bars. And, with this guy--I figure business is business and CPA's are CPA's....they have to make a living. In addition to that, given the fact that CPA's are not known for being overly creative human beings (on most career/ skills/interest inventories), I was impressed with this guy's "thinking outside the box". Perhaps he is just more resourceful than creative....who knows. If he's a good CPA then I suppose that's what matters. Hopefully, he's not spending his days drinking AND doing the same time! That might be a problem! In any case, whether you like the idea of taxes being done at a bar or not, we all have to admit that doing taxes is not fun. Why? Because it's an inventory. This guy knows that. Hell---we all know that. Taking inventory is all about taking stock and bringing to light mistakes. Plus, it reminds you that there are things that you just can't control. Yes, it ranks up there with setting your hair on fire while someone pulls your teeth---without novacaine. Sometimes everything balances. Sometimes it doesn't. No matter what---you have to face April 15. Making the best of it is all we can do. So we can move on. Whether it's from a bar stool or not.
Moving's the hardest lesson to learn. Even after we DO learn it.....we tend to forget how to do it. These past few weeks as my son and I engaged in many, many deep and difficult discussions---agonzing over where he would finally end up doing his PhD---I found myself either thinking or saying those 2 words---move on. I kept thinking...."you're young, why can't you just make the decision and move on?" Yes, I probably said that outloud to him at least 50 times. Moving on was his problem. At least that's what it boiled down to. He couldn't hear me say that. Or, he didn't want to hear it.....again and again and again. He's not much of a mover-oner. Plus, he hasn't had much practice. I know all of that. But, still. It was time to make a decision. So we can move on.
Yes, I can talk the talk and walk the walk. I can stand on my soapbox and rant like a politician. But, can I really do it? Can I move on? I think so.....sort of. I paid my taxes. That's good. I've moved on....from that. But---my son going off to PhD land? Nope. I don't think I'll ever get used to that. Take my money. Just don't take my 6ft 250 ld baby.

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