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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Running with the PACK......

And, what a humbling experience that was.....

This morning was my first official "group run" on a trail with my running group.
We met in the wee hours of this morning at The Montour Trail....which is about 7 miles from my home.  But, due to the never ending Pittsburgh road work...the detours made my trip about 10 slow miles....even at 6:30 am on a Sunday morning!! 
It was a wonderful trail.....crushed limestone to run on (which "they" say is great), level and very picturesque--especially at this time of the year.  
Thankfully, this group is made up of every age, every size and every level of ability and speed.
So, it's not like I was the only slow runner.
But, I'm pretty sure I was the only runner with the look of sheer terror and pain on her face.
Thank goodness it was cool enough this morning to wear my newest running ensemble.....!

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Barbara said...

Hey Judi

Every great journey starts with the first step

Kudos to you for that achievement.