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Friday, October 3, 2014


Just another problem with the change of seasons......

Here's the thing.....I just got a little too comfy in my fabulously comfy summer shoe collection.
I'm telling you -----I hit the shoe jackpot when I invested in several pair of the most amazing shoes on the planet....Fly Londons and Bernie Mevs..   Those shoes got me through everything this summer--from going to work to hanging out to doing just about everything else that you do every summer.
Bernie Mevs are not exactly shoes that go with the Fall and Winter months.  And, although I do have a few nonsummer Fly Londons, they are not necessarily the look that I need during my more formal work attire needs during the Fall and Winter months.  They will definitely work out fine for casual wear, they aren't actually the style that goes with my Fall and Winter office wardrobe. 
Thankfully--up until this week--our weather has been warm enough to allow me to wear my trusty shoes.  But, looking at the weather forecast....I figured it's time to pull out my pumps and heels.  To prepare for this upcoming change, I decided to go through my office shoe wardrobe and only keep those shoes that felt comfy.  Well.....I guess my feet got awfully spoiled so they balked each time I slipped my feet into some of my favorite Fall and Winter shoes!  Add that to the fact that every inch of my legs are screaming in pain from my running training....yeah, it ain't good.  
Now, I could just suck it up or I could embark on a shoe shopping extravaganza.  But, as a girl who has probably 300+ pair of shoes--that doesn't seem like it would be a very popular decision in my household.   I guess I could start the arduous task of going through every pair of shoes and make a decision on which ones gotta to--regardless of how cute or sexy they are---to make room for some new shoes.  Or, I could just bite the bullet and tell myself that no one needs this many shoes and challenge myself to get rid of the ones that really won't work and live with the ones that do.  A few pair would be just fine....right?   Yeah, tell that to my shoelovin' self.

Yep, there's real problems here in Judiland.  

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