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Thursday, June 12, 2014


I haven't had a pedicure in about 6 weeks.  
And, I know it.
And, it's making me crrrrazzzzy!  
My unpedicured toes are clashing with my darling summer sandals.  
That's how I know that I am not summer-ready.
Tonight, I am remedying that situation.  
Tomorrow, my feet will be summer-ready.
But, will the rest of me?

When I have a topic that I am randomly obsessed about on any given day, I tend to seek out information to satisfy my curiosity and feed my wacky need for advice, details, inspiration and gossip. Some days I am on the hunt for recipes and shoes, other days I am digging for advice on why I can't grow clematis or how I can build an outdoor bar without my husband getting involved and other times, I am burning the midnight oil trying to figure out why I have this weird white spot on my neck.
So, yeah, I can get obsessed about just about anything....
Although I like authoritative articles for their range of authoritativeness and reading them makes me feel smart,  I tend to gravitate more towards blogs because I am a nosey girl by nature and I love peeking into real people's lives just to see what they are up to.  And, of course--knowing they are written by regular folks like me gives me  a comforting  feeling of kinship.   Because you know....I am a blogger too....
Last week, on my "googling patriotic tablescapes marathon" , I found myself enthralled with the gobs of gorgeous tablescapes by a handful of lifestyle bloggers.  It seems as though everyday they have one more beautiful blog posted....with pictures of the most beautiful tablescapes or crafts or food or perfectly put together rooms with no clutter or dust.  They seem to have endless amounts of energy and ideas AND time!  As much as I appreciate all of the grand stuff they were sharing with the blog world, I couldn't help but feel a little bit down on myself.  There is absolutely no way I could do even 1/5 of what these bloggers do in a given month let alone a given day!  Seriously, friends....I have clutter...out in the open for all to see and behind many doors.  And, yes.... I have dust for sure...unless it's 24 hours after my cleaning help was here...after that...there's dust until they return!   And, as I type this,  I have a full bin of dirty dishes hidden in my basement.   I could seriously not be a lifestyle blogger and its pretty clear now that I am seriously not ready for summer entertaining!  
And, when I thought it could not get any worse....there it was.....a picture of one of the beautiful bloggers herself in all of her perfection....showing off her pedicure in her new swimsuit, wrap and sandals....hanging at by her pool (probably after cooking a gourmet meal for 50 and setting a magnificent tablescape that will be featured in BHG next month...).   GIVE. ME.AN. EFFIN. BREAK.
What is wrong with ME?
I thought I just needed a pedicure and I would be summer -ready.  

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Jody V said...

Great post Judi! Im thinking give me the pedicure and I'm ready! Lifes just so busy!