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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Did you say orgasmic mushrooms?

Yes I did!  

Last weekend, after our little hometown getaway, we stopped off at a great little butcher downtown to pick up some gorgeous steaks to throw on the grill for a dinner we are hosting this coming weekend.  When we are in that part of town, we always make a stop at this place--their selection and their quality of all types of meats is probably some of the best around that we have found.  
Sadly, steaks are not my friend.  No matter how prime they are or how we cook them, we can't seem to get them to the point where I can eat them safely with my Lap band.  After enough bad steak experiences, I decided that when I make them, I will  take one bite and then dig into the sides.  While everyone oohs and aahs over their steaks, I get to eat the sides.
So, what that means is that I need to ooh and aah too!  Therefore, I  have to make certain that the sides are absolutely wonderful.   Not just wonderful....they have to be downright amazing. 
Thankfully, my research on recipes is a big hobby of mine so I enjoy willing away the hours in search of the perfect menu item.  And, I take an even greater delight in heading into the kitchen to experiment with the recipes, taking lots of notes and then making any tweaks that I feel necessary.  It's a process that I fully enjoy and one that also makes my taste testers happy (sometimes I have to call my taste testers in or deliver my results to my taste testers!).   Such was the case with this mushroom recipe that I have aptly coined "Orgasmic Mushrooms".  My taste testers went ballistic with excitement as they savored each bite....they raved and cooed and went all-out hedonistic on me.   Hence, the name I gave them.......
This recipe is an adaptation of  this recipe....without the chicken and the pasta (although making it with both is also delightful!).   I just use a menagerie of mushroom types that I pick up at the grocery store---I triple the amount of mushrooms that the chicken recipe ( chicken!!) calls's as simple as that!  This recipe is the perfect accompaniment to a delectable grilled steak.  In fact, every time I serve them, I get so many compliments, I get orgasmic myself. 
The key to keeping this recipe a little less naughty if you are just making it on any regular day is to cut back on the butter and oil and replace it with a low salt chicken stock.  As a matter of fact, I love serving that version over a creamy's oooh so good!   But, for those occasions where I am entertaining and/or serving steak, I want to serve it in it's rich goodness.  And, this velvety beautiful sauce needs the butter if I want it to have  the rich goodness that I am aiming for.   


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