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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Stop what you are doing.......

Take a break from whatever is bogging you down. 
Walk away from it for a little while.
Time and distance can work wonders.  

It's amazing how much easier it is to deal with that torturous thing that's been making you bat-crazy if you move on to something that energizes you instead of drains you. 
As a matter of may even speed up the time it takes to figuring the whole thing out!
All of us have things that keep us toiling away only to see no end in sight.  Frustrating....I know. Perhaps instead of staying there and continuing our toil, we should make it a habit to know when enough is enough....with the promise of coming back to it when we are refreshed. 
Even though I know that this particular method has worked for me time and time again, I always manage to forget to actually do it when I am in the heat of a project that is giving me major headaches and stress. 
Yesterday, I was forced into setting aside a very annoying and no-end-in-sight and no-good-answer work project because I had to leave the office to make it in time for a massage that I had scheduled a few weeks back.  Part of me felt very irresponsible to leave the work without being done but another part of me really, really needed that damn massage.  
As it turns out....I really, really did need that massage.  My massage therapist Aaron told me that he never felt my neck and shoulders so tight....even though he has only been my massage therapist since November, I'm taking his word for it.  
After my massage, I stopped by the fabulous little ice cream shop next door and got myself one scoop of their downright delicious coconut-chocolate chunk ice cream.  Then, I meandered through the charming uptown section of my little suburban hamlet before going home to tackle some deck sitting and garden admiring. 
My work world was far, far away as I sunk into my pillow-strewn bed and fell fast asleep.  

This morning, I awoke with  a brand new perspective on that damn project.
So, I spent a few minutes reviewing it and guess what?
I'm pretty sure I know exactly what I need to do to get it done.

Once again, I've been reminded of a lesson I've learned many, many times before.
But, I have to tell you....I don't mind relearning things. 
Well....I don't mind relearning valuable things. 


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Jody V said...

Thank you for reminding me. I needed it!