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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I finally figured out why some people are so cranky.......

because they know too much.......they got it all figured out. And, they just don't feel like playing THAT game anymore.....
And, they are not afraid to let you know.....

When I was younger, I was pretty sure that older people were just cranky because....well....they were older.   Well, if truth be told....I was pretty sure that it was because....well..... they were OLD. 
I've come to figure out that it has nothing to do with age at all. 
It has to do with  experience.  
We older and  wiser folks know that all the hullabaloo and bitching and moaning and moving and shaking is just a bunch of bull shit.   Yes, bull shit.  
When it gets right down it---being a good, decent, kind person that lives with purpose and acts out of love is what's important.   It's not about any of that other bull shit like getting ahead in life or making a point, or getting back for a past hurt or trying to be the best or the prettiest or whatever the hell you think you or others think you need to be doing.  It's truly about not causing hurt or pain and knowing when to get out when the hurt and the pain is inflicted upon you.  It's about laughing at the absurd behavior of people trying to make a name for themselves or to prove a point or to try and get their own way.  It's about recognizing that we don't have to put up with things that hurt us or hurt the people we love just because someone else says that we have to or it would look bad if we didn't.    It's about using your time, energy and resources for things that make you feel good about yourself and make you happy and at peace.  It's about surrounding yourself with positive energy and love and not with those people who make you feel less than great or don't appreciate the person you are.  It's about staying clear of selfish people and giving them nothing but  pity for their selfishness.  It's about having your own brand of selfishness during those moments when you need to think of yourself and your feelings and your path.   
 It's about knowing that you deserve to live this way. 
We learn these things as we live our lives.
We learn these things after we have spent years trying very hard to be everything to everybody and not to make waves and to do things for the good of everything else.  And, even when we get tired and feel hurt, we still do it.   And do it and do it.  Because that's what we think we need to do. 
Well, guess what?
We don't need to do it. 
The only rule is that you have to very nice when you say....."I'm not dealing with this bullshit anymore.....". 

No, there's nothing going on in Judiland. 
It's just some things I am thinking as I inch closer to being 55. 

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