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Tuesday, December 17, 2013


What's any holiday in an Italian household without pasta?
Hey, we even do pasta on Thanksgiving.......!
In fact, I'm pretty sure Italians consider it a sin not to eat pasta on a holiday.
So, I come by my pasta affliction very honestly. 
But, don't blame my Italian blood for my pasta love.
I've got friends and family from all bloodlines that swear that pasta is their favorite dish.
Considering that pasta is such a universally loved dish, it's truly hard to come up with a new and exciting pasta dish to share.   But, since everyone loves it, it's a great choice to entertain with. 
And, let's face it---I only have 60 million in my arsenal.....!!  
So, when I was thinking about what pasta recipe I was going to share today, I decided that I should share something that is both yummy  and easy.  And, since that was EXACTLY what I was looking to serve this past Sunday when we had some guests for dinner----I pulled out this recipe.  It's a recipe I've used time and time again and it's always met with ooohs and aaahs.  And, this past Sunday was no exception.   I served it  as the main course with a  simple Italian cheese, nuts and cured meats tray,  a beautiful bottle of an Italian Barbera that we toted home from a wine tasting event earlier this year (highly recommend this wine!),  a  crisp caesear salad with achovies and garlic bread.  We followed it up with hot chocolate laced with pepermint schnapps or espresso with Franjelica and store bought cannolis. It was the perfect holiday time dinner--relaxing, festive and delicious. 
BTW--- I have also served this pasta as a course in a multi course meal as well.   It's loved either way.....

Sunday dinner table setting......

Pasta With Pistachio Cream Sauce
I make this pretty much as the recipe dictates.  To make it a bit more festive, I sometimes add one can of diced and drained San Marzano tomatoes.   I have added chicken to this in the past. It's super easy, it looks pretty and it is so scrumptious!   Do yourself a favor and buy already shelled pistachios to make it even easier on yourself!!! 

Come back next week  for the MAIN COURSE and DESSERT........

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