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Saturday, November 16, 2013

What feeds us?

This quote speaks to so many ways! 

The other evening....over a lovely and much-needed  mid week martini with my husband.....I was explaining my feeling of euphoria upon entering  the Forbes Avenue Starbuck's during the very early morning hours each day........ 
As I dash in from the cold entire being immediately responds.   
There's just something about the ambiance of the place at this time of  the's just special...perhaps even magical....the dim lighting, the roaring fire, the familiar aroma, the fogged windows, the students and other academics milling about, the tasteful holiday decorations.....

It feeds me in ways that I can hardly put into words....although I am trying.
If I recall, I am pretty sure that during my explanation....I called the place "my utopia".
I know you are thinking this is all about my beloved chai latte.
No, it's not all about that.....
There's more. 
It's about feeding my heart and my soul. 
And, it's a beautiful thing. 

Why am I just figuring this out now? 
Perhaps all those years of thinking that food was the only thing that fed me  makes these revelations all the sweeter......

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