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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Over- Forty Fashionistas UNITE!

Yes, I know I'm OVER-50.....which means that I am also over 40.  

It's that time of  the year when we are all thinking about what we will wear during the holidays.
You are thinking about that....aren't you?
Well, if you haven't even begun to think about it, let me help you along.
You see, I think about what I will wear ALL. THE.TIME.
The holidays are just another excuse to think even more about it.
I don't know about you but I am a marketer's dream come true.
I fall hard for all of the looks in those catalogs that fill our mailbox this time of year.
(hey, I got excited about the Sears catalog when I was a little girl...I've been afflicted for a long time.) 
I have always been completely convinced that fashion is part of each moment---from the shopping to the cooking to the tree trimming to the parties to even the cozy nights at home sipping hot chocolate by the fireplace (do I really have those??). 
Life is like a movie and every scene needs costuming. 
Holiday time is  like the movie-on-steroids......the costuming needs are endless!
Even though I know this about just so happens to be so much a part of who I am, I don't really stop and think about it much. 
But, the other day when  a coworker complemented me on a particular top that I was wearing, the conversation that ensued brought it back to mind again....
"I really like your top!"  she said, complimenting me on a top I was wearing.
"Oh, I bought this a few years ago to cook Thanksgiving dinner in," I explained.
"For WHAT?"  she asked, seemingly perplexed. 
"I always like to have a seasonal looking outfit that looks nice but is comfortable to cook in," I explained rather sheeplishly.  "Not like a shirt with turkeys or anything but something that says Thanksgiving and is somewhat dressy...."  I went on to tell her. 
"Oh....yeah."   she responded.  
Hmm.....I guess I thought everyone did that.....maybe not. 
Here's the thing-- I believe strongly in looking good for my guests when they arrive.  There's nothing worse than going to someone's home for a holiday or a party and they are dressed in their sweats or something that screams WORK.   I think it just makes a guest feel bad or guilty or something.  Maybe that's just me and my bizarre belief that no one should see me sweat when I entertain.  I believe in making it look effortless and magical.  I think it's best for the guest's comfort that way.....
I feel the same way about going to someone's home for dinner or a party.....I want the host to feel good about having me as their guest.  What I wear and the care I put into how I look is a reflection of my joy and appreciation of being their guest.   I want them to know I am thankful and one of the ways  I show them  is through fashion.  
 Feeling good about how I look makes everything so much more enjoyable...don't ya think?
Although I must confess---being afflicted with all of these fashion issues can sometimes cause a bit of stress.
Nothing I can't handle, of course.
But, it's stress nonetheless.
Thankfully, I have found a cyberload of over-40 bloggers who feel much the same as me......they believe in the power of fashion and style themselves and their lives accordingly.  
It's just a beautiful thing.
Not only am I appreciative of their advice and their style and the fact that they are sharing that part of themselves with women like myself, I am so comforted to know that I am not alone in adhering to the simple pleasures of fashion and dressing for the moments of my life......
Here's  just a few of my favorite over-40 style bloggers.......they each inspire  me for vastly different reasons and they each touch different pieces of me.   I put them all together and they influence every style of me.....

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You can count on me to make the world a more beautiful and stylish place...with a little help from my friends!  


Jody V said...

I remember changing my thinking regarding Holiday outfits in 2009 and 2010 because of you! Time to get back there!

FitBy40 said...

Well, I'm over 40 but my 8 year old told me this morning "Mom, you really don't have any fashion sense, do you?"
I certainly don't dress up for holidays, but it's usually just our immediate family so they don't expect much!
Glad you get so into it! I want to hang at your house for dinner!