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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Remnants of summer are all that remain......

Here in my pretty city, the weather has been quite quirky.
In a period of just a few days we have had record  heat, awful humidity, powerful storms and pouring rain...... 
And, now, we have this cool down that feels like Fall is at our door step.  
Of course, everyone is saying "we haven't seen the last of summer".
Wishful thinking, perhaps?
I'm not so sure.
I skipped that week during science class when they talked about weather.
Regardless of the weather report, the calendar will keep flipping and days will quickly turn into weeks and the seasons will change....whether we like it or not.
Here in Judiland, I have a love-hate relationship with Fall.
I am completely in love with the beautiful landscapes that surround me during this season.  And, I love decorating every nook and cranny for Fall. I think red and yellow mums are stunning sitting in my entryway and I am madly in love with the drama of a huge bucket filled with sunflowers sitting on my dining room table.
I enjoy sitting on my porch with the fireplace going, sipping wine and feeling the coolness of the evening.
I love dinners on the deck at sunset in the pleasant autumn air. 
And, I feel all tingly thinking about menu planning using comfort foods and earthy recipes.
Oh, and the thought of lingering over lush red wines, nibbling on sharp cheeses and vibrant apples is intoxicating to even think about.....
Of course....I go gaga over boots and sweaters and tights and leggins...
And, omygosh, I am breathless over the return of the luxurious fabrics of the cooler seasons.
Plus...can I just say that I adore coppery shades of lipsticks and deeper hued nail colors?
As much as all of that sounds so beautiful and tranquil....Fall also means that my work world is like a speed train that has no brakes. Add that to the activity that requires my attention in my everyday life and let me tell you...the demands of my days are overwhelming.  The pace is maniacal.
 And, the downtime is.....well.....never. 
I eat, sleep, dream, breath, walk and talk my job.
I go through the motions like a robot in my everyday life--I nod, I smile, I say what needs said and do what needs done.....on autopilot. 
It's called survival....
After 33  years of this, you would think that I would somehow find a way to reserve my energy so that I could withstand it all.  Ha!  You would think that.....
I hear ya buddy!!! 

I might be feeling my age more than ever or perhaps 33 years of this is quite enough.
Whatever the problem is right now, I have to tell you......we are only a few weeks into the crazy time and I am seriously tired.  
It's not good to be so tired right now....considering I am smack dab at the threshold of one of the craziest, mind-numbing, back-breaking, exhausting weeks of the year......
Did I mention that I got a new pair of shoes to soften the pain (literally and figuratively!) of it all?


Jody V said...

Oh Judi..I'm there too. It seems that everyone wakes up at my company in fall. Summer is extremely quiet and then BAM! It's non stop! Hang in there! I'm 32 years at my company.

FitBy40 said...

This is such a weird time of year for me because I LOVE fall, but I DESPISE winter. I like the crisp smell in the air at the first hint of fall, then I cringe at what comes next!
I hereby vow to take my vitamins and Vit-D EVERY DAY, so I don't get caught in the duldrums.
Are you with me?!