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Friday, September 27, 2013

But, it was a donut holiday........

And, we are supposed to eat donuts?
This was ONE of the boxes of THE DONUTS OF JUSTICE in the office kitchen yesterday.....with this email following....just so we understood the holiday.....
"Enjoy a Donut of Justice, in the Break Room and remember, YED is dedicated to the following principles”

1)      Justice
2)      Fair Play
3)      and Humility

So no gloating, please.  Just relax, have a donut, enjoy the sunshine (feels a bit warmer today, doesn’t it?) and the fall air (a bit crisper and clearer if you ask me), and take in the feeling that there is justice in the world, in however small amounts.

Happy YED!"

Pittsburgh is a town of sports fanatics. 
Most of them are Pittsburgh sports fanatics.
But, we've got a few folks in the office that come from far and wide.
One such a folk is a rabid baseball fan from Washington state.  This guy has three best selling books on the topic of baseball and baseball stadiums---with one of his books titled "Why I Hate The Yankees"! 
So, we can safely assume he loves baseball and baseball stadiums so much that he can write two books on the subjects and he hates the Yankees enough that he could dedicate an entire book to his hate.....
This guy  definitely walks the walk and talks the talk..... he celebrates all things baseball and commemorates holidays with sweets when his hated team gets eliminated!  
Now, I did't hyper link that text to his books because I am suggesting anyone run out and buy them---I just wanted you to know a little more about a guy who brings a few dozen massive donuts into an office in Pittsburgh to celebrate the Yankees being eliminated.  
But honestly...if you have any interest in things like this..... the guy is entertaining and a very good writer.....and he knows his stuff.
And, he buys some really amazing donuts.  
Therein lies the problem.
These donuts.......
As I was cruising along in a week when I was coming into the office early, having long nights of more work and dealing with one or two other annoying details, I was spending considerable time planning each meal, packing them up and bringing them into the office with me.  I was doing it all in self defense and for time time management purposes.   I was sick and tired of having to go scramble for  what was overpriced, sub par food at the our building's food court or vending machines or at the faculty dining room when meal time came.  Besides that, with the volume of work that I have going on, wasting time going looking for this overpriced subpar food was driving me nuts.
So, I amped up my grocery shopping so that I would have a nice selection of portable meals that I could grab and go and would not cause me too much angst or additional work. 
It was all going so well.... until yesterday....
I know, I know....that means I only did good for 3 days.  
But, still....
Of course, donuts have a place in everyone's life. 
And, I sure do like donuts.  They are not my favorite food but if they are there.....
Anyway....for some crazy reason---after eating just half of one of those beautiful, big donuts of justice, I couldn't think about anything else but the other half of that beautiful, big donut. 
Thankfully, when I returned to get that other was gone. 
Someone saved me from myself....justice was served!
I wasn't so much angry with myself for eating said donut.  There are no guilty foods....remember?
To be super duper honest, as much as I loved, loved, loved that was yummy beyond yummy.....I wasn't feeling as great as one should be after devouring something so heavenly.
I was droopy.  And, I don't like droopy....
And, I wanted more sugary stuff.
And, that other sugary stuff that I ate because of that donut that I ate in the morning---it wasn't worth how more droopy it made me feel.  
By the end of the work day, I felt like I had a pile of led in my belly.
That's probably the way those darn YANKEES felt too......


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