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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I was caught in a COOKIE STORM!!!

I was.  

I did mention that this week is a pretty exhausting week in my work life, didn't I?
I just wanted to make sure you remembered that before judging me too harshly.....  

So.....yesterday.....I consumed a total of one dozen cookies.
Not good cookies.
Let me explain.
Here goes.....
I started out eating cookies because everyone else ate all the food.
Yes, that's right.  Everyone else ate all the food.
By the time I got time to grab lunch at the event's luncheon....all the food was gone. 
Except for the cookies.  
And, since I didn't have time to go out and try to find food....I had to eat the cookies.
And, might I add that I was STARVING. 
So, I had 3 cookies. 

About 2 hours later, I had a terrible cookie crash.
So, I ate 2 more cookies.
That adds up to 5 cookies.
Fast forward to after a reasonable dinner at home of a very small taco salad with a very spicy not chipolte dressing....I needed something sweet to calm my palate. 
Ah.....yes....I had some Fresh Market Crispy Chocolate Chip cookies in the pantry.
2 of those should do the trick.
That adds up to 7 cookies.
Do I also have some macadamia nut cookies in there?
Yes, I do.
Geez, I could really go for 2 of those.
I am now at 9 cookies.
To distract myself, I folded laundry.
Did I ever mention that I hate doing laundry?
I hate it so much, it sent me right back to the pantry.....for more cookies.
3 more cookies.
ONE DOZEN COOKIES later.....I had reached my saturation point.
My stomach felt nasty.  There was this horrible taste in my mouth.
And, did I mention that I was up most of the night as a result of that cookie storm?

Never again.
I promise.
Well, I hope I promise. 

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FitBy40 said...

Dont feel bad, I started my work day eating M&M's at 9am.! It's never a good day after I start with sugar.
how bad is it that your post made me want to eat cookies!?
Today is a new day.