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Friday, October 19, 2012

Who is to blame for America's fuel consumption going up?

If you are one of the millions of people classified as's YOU!

According to a new study, obesity is a heavy drag on fuel economy.....

It appears that obese Americans are hindering car manufacturers' efforts to meet federal regulations requiring 54.5 mpg for vehicles by 2025.

Once again, let's blame the fat folks! 

 Although I am not in any position to debate any study  since I don't do studies or research about much more than recipes, fashion and home decor, I am left to wonder WHO commissions a study such as this and why?
I am sure there is some very good reason for it and I'm sure the findings are useful.....someone has to find an excuse for why the price of cars will be going up or why the car companies can't meet fuel economy regulations.....
So, let's just commission a study......
I am curious about the discussion in the room when it is decided to do a study on how obesity effects fuel efficiency.
I'm sure it was much more scientific than a bunch of skinny PhD engineers sitting around saying things like "let's go after something that is out of our control.....oh yeah.....the growing obesity epidemic!  Obese people are to blame for everything else....let's try to pin this on them too!"
I'm sure this study has it's merits and it's soundproof in it's findings.  The logic seems legit.....even to a non-techi, non-mathwiz like me. 
I just hate that it's one more indignity thrown at those Americans who truly need help in dealing with obesity.
Perhaps someone should throw some real money and time at making weight management, weigh loss surgery and other obesity solutions more available and afforadable.....

Let the car industry loose on the government health care regulators and the health insurance industry.....NOT THE OBESE FOLKS! 

I'll leave you with that to think about and chat about over Happy Hour drinks tonight!

Happy Friday!

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