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Thursday, October 18, 2012


No.....NOT that debate........

No.....NOT that debate.......

Somewhere along the line, America has decided that debating matter how big or small or how universally interesting or not or how painful or a fabulous spectator sport.
We just can't get enough.
Debating has now entered into every nook and cranny of the human condition and every aspect of everyday life.
There is nothing off limits.
Who are more complicated – men or women?
Gin or Vodka?
Eat to live or live to eat?
Co-ed schools vs. single sex education schools
Do video games cause bad behavior in children?
Abortion - yes or no?
Women marrying younger men
Honest and poor or dishonest and rich
Do nice girls finish last?
Advantages of being a man over a woman
What are more real – pirates or ninjas?
Do vampires get AIDS from sucking infected blood?
Did God create the universe vs. did it occur naturally
Is there life after death?
Are we aliens?
Bottled water vs. regular water

With all the topics to pick from, it's wonder why weight loss surgery would get any debate time at all. 
Yet, there are hundreds (probably thousands) of folks out there who have no qualms about pushing the notion that the ONLY way to really be respected for your weight loss is to do it naturally. 
Now, this type of thinking and assertions always set me off. 
Not only could I enter into a pretty awesome debate on what naturally really means but I could also haul off and punch these holier-than-thou pundits.
Although I'm not prone to violence of any kind (except for when maybe  someone steals my martini....),
narrow minded, judgemental thinking--especially when it comes to choices individuals make for their own lives and their own health--puts me *this close* to being a hair-pulling and kicking-in-the-balls kind of gal. 
There are moments when I come completely unglued at the headlines that read "See How She Lost 100 Pounds Without Surgery" or hearing a celebrity or some self-appointed expert rail against weight loss surgery.

Really, folks.... it all comes down to the same thing----making the necessary decision to change your life and taking the steps to get there.
Simple as that.
I get it and I'm not even a celebrity or an expert! 
(although I am a MOD--mother of a Doctor....)

Spreading the belief that having weight loss surgery somehow diminishes a person's strength or self worth is an assault on a person's free will to improve their life and health. 
There are people out there who could benefit from surgical intervention to deal with the threats that obesity brings to their lives yet they are so heavily influenced by the opinions of others and the fears that these folks push about weight loss surgery that they do not even consider an option that can truly improve (and possibly even SAVE!)  their lives.

My body. My decision. YOU are out of the equasion!

Persons of influence have a responsibility to watch their mouths! 
As in--STFU!   

As a WLS SURVIVOR (and thriver!), I have been the victim of this type of push back about my choice to have this surgery as opposed to just going on a diet many times by ill-mannered and ill-informed people. 
Rude. Insensitive.  Downright ignorant.
And some of these folks are people I know---family and friends!
I am sure every WLS person has a story.
Thankfully, I  hold my own.  When I feel like it.
Sometimes it's just not worth my breathe or the possibility of jail time. 

THANK GOD FOR MY BLOG.....pounding away on my key board helps with my hair-pulling and ball-kicking urges......


speck said...

I love your blog, your writing skills, how articulate you are...I just like you!

You said some very powerful things and really struck a cord with me.

Thanks for sharing.


~Miss Lorie~ said...