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Saturday, July 14, 2012


Oh, how I've missed you so! 

Last week, a friend of mine offered to make party poppers filled with treats for my daughter's 21st birthday bash.   She just loves to craft and make party favors and decorate and entertain.  So, I knew that whatever she made would be absolutely darling.  Since it was a 21st birthday party, I figured she would fill the party poppers with little bottles of booze. 
 Yes, my head was completely immersed in the 21 year old party theme all week.....forgive me...
So, when she delivered them early one morning, I oohed and aahed with delight.  She had made the most adorable party popper favors---using this website as inspiration (my creative friend used fun patriotic fabric and ribbons instead of the demur pink fabric and satin ribbon used).   These things were seriously cute!  And, they looked just the right size of one of those little bottles of booze they sell for a buck on the register at the Wine and Spirits store.  These things just screamed--open me up and have a party!  So, as you can imagine,  I was just so damn excited to see what was inside--no sooner as she put the key in her car door to leave,  I couldn't help but break one open and see for myself.
And, what to my sneak-peeking eyes did appear?  
A SUGAR DADDY! (just what every new 21 year old needs.....haha)
Before I knew it, I was happily having my own SUGAR DADDY party.  I sunk into my favorite chair and just partied away.   It was exactly what I needed. 
And, you's the perfect Lapbander friend!
Plus, it takes a loooooong time to eat.
And, it's just as much fun to eat as it is to taste!
A big bonus---- the calories and fat aren't so bad either!
Oh, and did I mention that there's also 1 gram of protein in these amazing little suckers?

Party on with your own Sugar Daddys my friends! 
I'd share but my supply is limited. 
Yes, I hid about 10 of the party poppers for myself. 

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