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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Let the party continue........

without me.  
A day at the Rivers Casino......

I suppose you noticed that I've been AWOL for about a week. 
Have no fear, I am not turning my back on my BLOG.  No. No. No.
And, it's not because I don't have anything else to say.   No. No. No.
It's because I've been off partying like a 21 year old.
I've had a house full of young, beautiful and spirited young women who can party this old party girl under the table.  I am not a pretty site right now.  
My darling little girl turned 21 and it's been one party after another.
We started off with a swanky soirree with a lovely bunch of girly girls at our house to countdown to midnight the eve of her birthday.  Then, we transported everyone to the local bar scene.  It was quite the spectacle.
Then, we got up bright and early on her birthday and hit the spa scene---complete with morning cocktails and strawberries.  After that, it was off to one of her favorite little bistros for a wine drenched lunch, followed by shopping at some of her favorite haunts then capping it off with an afternoon cocktail at a fun outdoor bar.  Then, a little more shopping and it was time for Happy Hour on the porch.  Soon, it was time for dinner at her favorite restaurant   then off to watch the sun set on her birthday from a great roof top bar near our house.  Once night fell, we did our own private bar crawl and had a woo-hoo, yahoo good time until we danced our way home. 
No. It didn't end there.
Yesterday, it was a trip to the casino.  Although we were mildly hung over, we managed to have a wonderful time---even though we didn't win a cent. 
But, I have finally hit the wall.
She went with her girlfriends to a wine and cheese party while I was thrilled to be lounging on the couch nursing my weary body and my very fuzzy brain. 
This morning, I am trying to mentally psyche myself up for an all-day meeting.....yes an all-day meeting.   
Who schedules all day meetings the day after a full 3 days of reliving 21?


FitBy40 said...

I love that your daughter wanted to celebrate her birthday with you! I have 2 girls and I can only hope that they'll want me included in all the festivities when the time comes.
glad you had fun.

Chris said...

So *that's* where you've been! Happy birthday to your girl - and load up on the water during that meeting (if nothing else, at least you can keep running out to the bathroom for a break!)

I have my next PA appointment followed by an all-afternoon session on the day I return from my France trip - I feel the pain already :)

Jody V said...

Wow! What a birthday Toni had!! You're a great party planner Judi! Hope you're making it through the meeting. It's 1:50 PM here and I'm just about mentally checked out for the day!

Happy Birthday Toni!