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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sometimes I just have to turn off the TV.......

because I don't like the headlines.... they NEVER tell the real story.....

Look at this headline.........

Lapbands fail at high rates.....

As soon as I heard the promo for this story, I couldn't wait to tune in.

The funny thing is that moments before I tuned in, I picked up my mail.
My mail contained a letter and a newsletter from the Lap Band study that I have been involved with for the past 4 years.

The study ---which included over 600 participants-- reported VERY DIFFERENT findings than that of the one reported on my local station...

This is the study that I have spent four years providing statistics and information for.
I have been extremely engaged in every aspect of this study.
There are thousands of folks just like me who are involved.
We have spent hours and hours under the microscope for this study.
We have worn the ankle bracelets they ask us to wear.
We have documented our eating.
We have logged our exercise.
We have underwent every test---physical and emotional--that they required.
We have filled out hundreds of questionaires.
We have completed hours of physical testing.
We have talked to every Tom, Dick and Mary they have on staff.
We have been weighed on multiple scales and we have been prodded with lots of needles and we have answered millions of questions.
We have been measured on every part of our bodies.
We have talked to psychiatrists, general pracitioners, surgeons, counselors and doctors.
Yes, the study covered all the bases.....
Because this is *REAL LIFE*.....

Sooooo.... in addition to everything else in my life....I have actively participated in this study.
I have been dedicated to it for FOUR YEARS.
Because I believe in academic research.
I subscribe to the belief that in order to go forward, we must know where we have been and where we are.
I embrace the concept that research is the only way to improve the future.

Forgive me if I get a little pissed off about the fact that the study my local news was touting was only talking about 82 patients.

My local news made the assumption that the Lap Band was not a good option based on ONLY 82 patients?
I just don't get it.....
the odds are not good!
My heart aches for anyone who was thinking about a Lapband and was listening to this story!!
I have one thing to say to anyone who is questioning their decision to get a Lap band
And, I am on this journey with YOU!

All of this makes me wonder if my local station (they used it for each promo) was only after the ratings.!!!
And, sadly, it makes me pretty pissed off that this article might scare folks off from getting a Lap Band!!!
Why is the world so judgmental when it comes to weight loss surgery????

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Lee Ann said...

The media seems to have an anti-WLS agenda. It annoys me when they report on people who've lost large amounts of weight, how they say things like, "They did it the old-fashioned way," or "without surgery!" as if that is the superior way. At the same time, as you said yesterday, they LOVE to film bigger folks walking down the street, showing their big bellies and rear ends, as if to say, "Look at these disgusting people." As if we've never seen obese people---they have to film them and roll the tape as they talk about the obesity epidemic.