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Friday, July 8, 2011

Do you FEEL your fashion today?

Or are you FEELING yesterday's fashion?

A few months back, I decided I was going to figure out my clothing picks every night for the next day.
So, I'd come home from work each day and lay out my clothes, my shoes, my accessories....and even my undies for the next day.
I felt oh so organized and grown up doing that.
It was a good idea and definitely helped me out for a few months.
It made the morning so much smoother.
But, there were some mornings I woke up and didn't feel my outfit.
Sometimes I bit the bullet--for the sake of time--and just put it on.
But, all day long, I just wasn't feeling my fashion.
It made for a difficult day.
Other days, I just couldn't face the thought of not feeling one with my outfit.
So, I'd dive back into my piles of clothes and shoes and accessories and come up with a whole new look....a look I was feeling that day.
Chaotic and maniacal? Yes. But, it's what was needed.

After a few months, I abandoned my organized and grown up behavior and went back to my typical morning fashion crisis.....what look am I feeling today?
It's a tiring process....feeling your fashion.
I mean...first you have to assess your mood as it relates to color and heel height.
Then, you have to decide if you are feeling like super professional woman or super rocker gal.
Or somewhere in between.
Then, you have to try to remember what your office calendar looks wouldn't want to wear 4 inch heels when you're meeting with a 5'5" CEO or put on a huge jewel encrusted cross necklace if you are meeting with Ms. Earth Shoe Woman and you clearly don't want to wear those oh so great but uncomfortable shoes if you know you have to walk across town for a meeting....
And, damn, you definitely don't want to rock the room with your fashion if you're going to one of those meetings....
Mastering it all takes time and talent and a rock solid fashionucation.

No matter how fluffy fashion might be thought of, I am here to tell you it's of a higher profession than most even care to acknowledge.
Fashion can make you or break you.
And, I, my friends, never want to be broken by fashion.
So, each morning, my quest is the find the perfect outfit for that day.
I'm not organized about it. I'm not scientific about it. And, I'm not smart about it.
Most mornings I'm wading through my closet, tearing through my shoes, rifling through my jewelry boxes.
I'm throwing clothes, I'm digging through piles and I'm running around like a possessed woman.
But, damn, if I do it right--when I walk out my door, I feel my fashion.
As far as I am concerned that's the ultimate goal.
If I reach it, I've succeeded.
And, I've enriched everyone around me.
I've respected them, I've let them know they matter and most importantly--I have educated them just a wee bit about the importance of feeling your fashion in every situation.
Plus, when I feel my fashion, I feel better, I look better and I do better.
If I don't reach my goal, I've failed.
I lack the ability to do my best because I'm not feeling my best and I'm entirely too consumed by not feeling my fashion to do my best. Get that?
And, just as importantly, when I'm not feeling my fashion--I haven't shared myself fully, I haven't done justice to my environment, I haven't given the day or the occasion or the moment it's due and I may have even hindered the future fashion choices of those around me.
So, you see, the burden I carry each day is heavy.
I owe it to the world around me to make sure I feel my fashion each day.
It's a tough job but I am just the girl to take it on.
Most days.
Especially on Fridays.

Now, doesn't that make you just wanna feel your fashion today?

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