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Thursday, June 2, 2011



If you are trying to lose weight, put your panties back on sweethearts!
That's right friends--Caffeine Panties are the latest tool to help you slim down!

You know how much I love new weight loss products right?
They just make my heart go pitter patter and my toes curl right up.
I get woozy and excited all at the same time.
Add that feeling to wearing under panties that get ya going and we've got a full blown orgasmic event right here, right now.

I just can't imagine why I never thought of this!
I mean....I love caffeine, I adore panties and OMG---weight loss promises always steal my heart away.
I swear, one of these days I am definitely going to come up with something so incredibly amazing that the entire world will be bowing down to me in thanksgiving.....
Red stilettos infused with gin that soaks through your feet, takes the edge off a bad day, attracts billionaires, knocks off cellulite AND shrinks your bunions?
That's a start.
Let's build from there....

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Darlin1 said...

I'll be the first in line!!!