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Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Empty Nesters' Day Out.......

Today we are taking advantage of our empty nester's status.
We are going grab hold of the day ahead of us and calling it our own.......
We are off limits to everyone. EVERYONE.
Do you hear that Vince, Toni and Dad?

Don't call unless there's blood and guts.....

And, just how are we going to go about doing this?

Like this.....
First know where for you know what.....a girl needs her energy!

Then, it's on to the Rivers try our hand at the slots! I'm not much of a gambler but this might be my lucky day!
Then, whether we become millionaires or paupers, we're on our way to
this place.....for their afternoon jazz and wine tasting. We'll either toast our good fortune or drown our sorrows. But, at least there will be good music....that always makes everything better.

After that.....
well, we're still trying to decide that.
Which, I suppose, is another beauty of empty nesting.....we can decide. the way....
let me fill in the blanks....
Where was I the other morning?
I had an early morning scheduling adjustment....which gave me no time to blog.
How did my Lapband appointment go?
As suspected, it was a long one. But, it was all good.
Cumulative weight loss?
Drum roll please.....
One hundred and twelve pounds.
Count em baby.....! 112
Blood pressure?


Band fill?
Yep! .2
State of mind?
Bought 4 pair of pants, black leather jacket, off-white leather ankle boots, 2 limes and a
bottle of the good stuff--Hendrick's gin

Have a great Saturday!


Kathy said...

Oh Judy, you lucky woman!! You have the best day planned. I am wishing I was there too. Also, your weight loss is fabulous. There I am jealous, I am hoping I can be back in the weight loss mode again soon. Enjoy your day and send some new pictures. said...

wow..i am jealous. I would love to lose that much weight! U GO GIRL!!! have fun.

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

I love your blog, what an inspiration you are to all us who are just beginning this journey, thank you for sharing it with us!

Jody V said...

WOW Judi - 112 pounds is amazing. Truly amazing!! You must feel like a new woman! Congratulations. You inspire us all to keep going!!