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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Who am I wearing?

Last night, I spent the night lounging on the couch amongst piles of pillows, with my special end-of-winter-can't-wait-for-spring candle burning, a fire roaring in the fireplace, sipping salted carmel hot chocolate,  flipping through fashion magazines while watching the fashion reviews of Sunday night's Academy Awards. It was the perfect way to regroup after all the broo-ha-ha and activity of the weekend and a fitting way to spend the final Monday night of a month that just about kicked my ass.   I was lulled to sleep to a wonderful aroma, with the taste of salty sweetiness in my mouth  and hearing the words "WHO ARE YOU WEARING?" over and over the announcers asked the stars and starlets about their fashion choices.  Ahhhh.....

About an hour ago, I awoke to the same scene---my salted carmel hot chocolate was perched on the edge of the coffee table--cold, my PEOPLE STYLE magazine was sprawled across my lap the pages wrinkled, my  candle was still burning away (shhhh....don't tell Carmen), the fireplace was still going and the TV was still spewing Oscar fashion news. 
In my hazy state, I found myself giggling at the thought of how glamorous and luxurious my situation seemed at 10 pm while my 4 am situation seemed quite sad.....cold hot chocolate, having used up many hours of my overly priced candle, having slept the entire night on the couch, my legs and my back feeling quite sore......and WHO WAS I WEARING?
-Estee Lauder was smeared across my face
-My  footwear--Dearfoams
-My ensemble--Mossimo for Target

Yes, the height of fashion and elegance.
More like a wardrobe malfunction.


Mar's kids said...

Ha! I woke up in my recliner with my Nook on my lap and cold herbal tea on the bookcase :)

But hey, "I'm wearing Mossimo" sounds chic, doesn't it? Whenever people ask that question, all I can see in my mind's eye is some gaunt designer wrapped around the starlet, spewing tulle and rhinestones - "why yes, I'm wearing Vera Wang, and she's a bit awkward slung over my shoulder like this, isn't she?"

Jody V said...

LOL Judi! I can't even imagine the pain I would be in from sleeping on the couch. I also get the over priced candle thing. You're too funny!