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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Note to self.......

Here I am, on the threshold of DAY 2 of  my Lenten practice of  not seeking out comfort in bad food and I find myself secretly trying to concoct some evil plan to eat an Almond Joy bar without going to Hell or moving into the next pants size......
Never, I'm assuming. 

I would be lying to you if I told you that I'm the perfect Lapbander and that I always eat right and that I'm a devoted exerciser.....
Yes, I managed to loose over 100 pounds being utterly imperfect and sometimes not eating properly and not being the workout queen of Pittsburgh.    
A miracle?
No. Not really.
I had my beloved Lapband. 
Plus, I did the hard work.
Not the perfect work, mind you.
The hard work.

My  weight loss has been a true of self-discovery, self-awareness, highs and lows and realizations.
A great philosopher would probably say that those are the richest journeys.
But, on days like these when I want to go against the path that I have set for myself, I'm not about the journey. 
I am about the Almond Joy Bar.
I have faith that my Lapband will keep me from  certain pasta and bread and Big Macs.
But, I know very well that it won't keep me from  Almond Joy Bars.
If truth be told, I was never much of a sweet eater.
It was pasta and bread and nachos and meatballs and more pasta and more bread and nachos that I adored...
When I found out that chocolate can get past my Lapband with no trouble at all.....hello Almond Joy Bars, Peppermint Bark and M&M's.

My mother used to tell me  that you can love a rich man as much as you love a poor man.
I suppose the same goes for food.
You can love an Almond Joy Bar as much as you love a vat of pasta.
I am living proof.
So, I'm counting on both my fear of  the Lord and of Size 12 pants to keep me away from seeking comfort in bad food.
I am a good Catholic girl who loves her Sizes 8 and 10 pants....

I'm taking it one day at a time. 

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Jody V said...

This Catholic Woman is right there with you! Hang in there!