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Monday, February 27, 2012

Road-weary, over slept and never got the hang of Monday......

I think it's the perfect excuse  for this girl to call it an early night.

Last night, after a full weekend of activity and happenings and little-to-no sleep, I hit the dark, winding roads back to collegeland with my sorority girl, my dear friend Patty and her sorority girl and all of their sorority girl treasures.   My car was full, my bank account was drained from a weekend with my sorority girl and I  was praying that my overload on caffeine would get me there and back without needing to pull off the road for a nap.
As luck would have it, between the blaring radio, the heavy doses of caffeine and the girl talk, I was thrilled that we were able to arrive in collegeland in enough time for us to unpack and then to turn around and get back home in enough time to watch the tail end of the Academy Awards.
But, my plan was just too good to be true.
Us moms sent our two traveling companions on the mission to unpack the car while we scurried off to fill up the kitchen shelves with the groceries we had bought them and to unpack all the soups and assorted meals that we made to stock their freezer.
When we entered the kitchen......the deal with sealed.....we would not be getting home at any reasonable hour.

Apparently, no one had heard about doing dishes, throwing away trash, throwing out expired foods or cleaning up the floor......
Toni had warned me about the conditions but also gave me some hope that things would be cleaned up over the weekend in time for our arrival.  
 Since that wasn't the case--- two sorority girls and their moms rolled up their sleeves and cleaned the sorority girls' house kitchen.
Hours later,  as we looked at our handiwork, Patty said "we managed to polish a turd"......
What I think she meant was....."we made something bad into something not-so bad"
My friend Patty has such a way with words.
We were done.  We were tired.  We needed to walk away.  
We gave a stern lecture to all the sorority girls, advised them on the value of having clean dishes and safe food and clean floors and left them a few extra dollars to buy some paper plates and plastic cups.
We bid our girls good them extra kisses and hugs to give them the courage to come up with a kitchen cleaning plan for  everyone in the house.
With that, we were on the road again. 
I was lucky I could even see the road.....between my heavy, sleep deprived eyes and the stench of  the super-duper cleaning products burning those weary eyes, the drive home over the dark, winding roads from Collegeland to Judiland was quite the ordeal.
If this was our initiation into the sorority, we respectfully decline.
We decided the sorority life is not for us.   

I missed the Academy Awards.
But, by the time I dragged myself into my house, I was positive I deserved an award myself.  
So, I slept past the alarm clock this morning.


Lisa said...

Wow - you are way too kind to clean up a sorority house. But hopefully it was a lesson and those girls will keep it clean. Glad you made it home safe!!

Tina said...

Oh my..As I have three daughters of college age and older my prediction is that you need to just steer clear of that kitchen next time. I hope I am wrong but experience tells will get messy soon.

I am glad you made it home safely though.