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Sunday, November 28, 2010

We ate, we drank, we sang songs, we laughed......

I cooked, I cleaned, I cooked again, I cleaned again.
We shopped, we shopped and then we shopped again.
I cooked, I cleaned, I cooked again, I cleaned again.
Another Thanksgiving break come and gone.
It's back to Collegeland and PhDland.
After I cook and clean....again.

But, before I's a few scenes from Judiland at our annual Saturday-after- Thanksgiving Turkey Fry...

Here's a shot of the kitchen brother-in-law Rich--the turkey carver, my sister-in-law Teresa--who survived years of torment at her brother's hands (Carmen) and lived to tell about it and sympathize with me, and a side view of my darling niece Rosa who reads my blog and goes to college at my alma mater.
Look who I let eat in the living nephew Brett--who waited patiently to get the first crack at the fried turkey skin, my niece Alexa--home from her new city and her new job, my cousin Skip--who managed to stay in the family against all odds and my father who just loves to eat so much that he wears his bib from the minute he gets to my house until the moment he leaves.
And, then...the civilized dining room eaters...a back of the head shot of my sister Denise--the hairdresser who made a boatload of desserts then refused to take them home at 1 am this morning, cousin Cindy---who got called to the hospital to work the night shift but still managed to sneak in some turkey, cousin Annette--who made the most amazing chicken dip for the party, my sister-in-law Jean--who always wears leopard print, neighborhood-friend guy Richard--who spends holidays with us, great friend Martha--who is probably blaming me for her wine headache right now, cousin Rick--who was supposed to get Lapband but chickened out, Toni--who I will miss so much when she returns to collegeland today (we had a great week together...despite my shingles) and Brittany--who somehow manages to look good no matter color her hair is!

And, little more of the same.....from a different angle....

When I finally climbed into bed at 4 am this morning....there wasn't a pain-free bone in my body.
But, I was happy.

On to the next road of my I come.
After I cook and clean, of course.

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Jody V said...

Your Thanksgiving and Do Over Saturday looked like so much fun! Make room for us next year!!