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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So long Turkeys!

It's time to make way for every other damn food on the planet.....
Oh November.....I'm so over you....

Yes, my that we've digested the turkey and the stuffing and the pumpkin pie and the gravy and the mashed's time to get our systems ready for the eatathon that defines December....

I'm throwing away the leftovers.....right. this. minute.
Along with the containers they are stored in.
Yes, I'm being sinfully wasteful and environmentally unfriendly.
A girl has to do what a girl has to do.
Especially with a refrigerator filled to the brim with all of her favorites....

Finally, I'm coming out of my Thanksgiving weekend food and wine coma.
Without a moment to spare!
When I enter December, I want to remember what I felt like yesterday.....dragging, drugged and a wee bit nauseated.
All of which had nothing to do with the shingles.

Why do I want to remember feeling so pitifully yucky?
To remind myself what it feels like when I eat more than I should, eat the wrong things and wash it all down with more than I should.....if you know what I mean.
Because, honestly, I want to enjoy December.

Yes, it's true--my niece's chocolate and peanut butter buckeyes (a salute to her coveted new job at OSU) were to die for. But, did I need to eat 10 of them late Sunday night? And, just because there was that little bit of wine left in the bottle....did I have to have one last glass as I did yet another round of dishes?
As for that pumpkin pie--that second piece tasted the same as the first. I didn't need it.

So, I am declaring...right here....right now...

I don't want to have any December days when food and booze contaminates my body, fogs my brain and slows down my pace!

I'm not as young as I used to be so it all takes a little while longer to bounce back.
Hence the fact that I am just feeling alive today.
And, I'm not as able to partake in that third glass of wine as I did in my preband years.
Hence the fact that I had the fourth one.
And, I'm not as overweight as I used to be.
Hence the reason why I don't feel guilty over all the indulgences. But....still....I don't want to feel so lousy.

Feeling lousy is no fun--whether it be the result of too much food or too much wine.
Being obese is no fun---and I don't want to find myself heading in that direction....ever. ever. again.
I want to have fun.
Comatose obesity is no fun.

Bring on the fun.......


Darlin1 said...

Once again I'm with you Judi---It's just sooo hard and I get caught up in the moment(another glass of good wine).
I threw away all my plastic storage and bought this wonderful glass stuff--no smells --no staining--safe to reheat.

It's the little things!! ;-)

I'm still dealing with the after effects of shingles--it's called (PHN);-(

buckeyesue said...

Hi Judy!

Oh, Buckeyes are my very favorite, too!

I work at OSU, too. What kind of job did your niece get here? Has she already moved to Columbus? Will you be visiting her here?

Jody V said...

Here here Judi!!

I couldn't agree more and will follow your lead with this post!