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Monday, November 29, 2010

I overdosed on what?

Underwood Chicken Spread Dip.

This is so hard for me to even talk about.

What exactly is Underwood Chicken Spread Dip? You ask.....
It's this stuff.......

Mixed with this stuff......

Let's just say, Williams Sonoma did not teach the art of making it at any of their Sunday morning classes.
And, my friend the Barefoot Contessa surely wouldn't be serving it to her stylish and fun friends.
And, if truth be told---I never once made it here at my house.
It's just not a Judi food.
But, yet, it found it's way to my Saturday night annual turkey fry appetizer table.
When my cousin asked what she could bring.....I said......"bring your specialty"....
Evidently, Underwood Chicken Spread Dip is her specialty.
(she would be the first person to tell you that she does not enjoy any type of kitchen activity)
So, yesterday morning as I forced myself to get my mojo going and slowly packed up leftovers for trips back to Collegeland and PhDLand and I washed the last of the 3 zillion wine glasses we used.......I spotted the container with the leftover Underwood Chicken Spread Dip.
And, there, in my overflowing kitchen, while wearing my leopard print robe with my hair askew and remnants of Saturday night's mascara flaked about my face--I leaned on the kitchen counter and with a spoon the size of my head, I devoured the Underwood Chicken Spread Dip.
Not gourmet.
But damn good.

I'm ashamed.
So ashamed.

I haven't been the same since.

Let the Season of Eating begin.............


Lap Band Groupie said...

Catching up...

"...cousin Annette--who made the most amazing chicken dip for the party..." The handwriting was on the wall...The next time you find yourself writing these words, throw the leftovers out with the maker LOL!

OMG...SHINGLES??!!! You poor girl! DH had them as a kid and my MIL had them while traveling in Europe a few years ago...SO, SO painful and it took her a long while for it to clear as she didn't get the drugs right away!!! My parents got the vaccine after the MIL episode, but I didn't know (when they said 'old people') that it included those over to ask Doc about the shot, so thanks for that...and I hope it's all gone soon!

Even more importantly...that look FABULOUS!!!

Jody V said...

Oh Judi........I love that stuff! I also like the Underwood Deviled Ham. So band friendly aren't they? LOL...hope your feeling better.


Tina said...

at least it was protein laden? :)...I have never tried it..does this mean I should stay away?

Eileen, Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...

HA!! It's more than just those two ingregients.......there is a tsp of worchester also. So it's a bit complicated.
I made that once when I first got married. The in-laws all came over for a Steeler game. My SIL Germaine is REALLY, REALLY picky eater. Of all the munchies I made, that was the only thing she would eat. She loved it. So now 26 years later, I make it every time she comes over, or I go to her house for an event. The one food that the Italians trust me to make!!!!