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Friday, November 13, 2009

Do you have paraskevidekatriaphobia?

if so.....I suggest you take cover today!

As for me--I'm going to make sure I have underwear that fit, that my chai latte is not too hot and that I'm wearing shoes with sturdy heels. Plus, I'm going to be oh-so-careful with the eating.....I'm having some band issues. Yes, that's band is very tight at the moment. I haven't even had a fill in awhile! But, there are other factors that cause band tightness and one of them is--stress! Do I have stress? Well, my band seems to think so. It's been acting up continually now for about 3-4 days---giving me quite a bit of discomfort after eating even the smallest, most benign things. Thankfully, at this stage of my journey--I know exactly when to stop. So, I do. But, it ain't been fun.
I think I might have to just have a liquid weekend.......

Nice undies.
Chai Latte.
Good shoes.
Lots of liquid (as in liquid libations?) for the next 2 days.......
Sounds like a great plan.....for Friday the 13th.


Brooke said...

Awww, sorry to hear the band has been giving you trouble but the plan is pretty solid!

Hope your unmentionables are racy and lacy today!

Kathy said...

Happy 13th, I hope you band lossens up a bit for you. I know that feeling all too well.

Jody V said...

Lord knows I have Band Stress all the time!! It has been going on for about a month.

Hope it loosens up and I hope you had a great Friday the 13th!! Mine was really good!!


Debi said...

Sorry to hear about your band tightness! I can only imagine what that is like at the moment!

As for problems with Friday the 13th, I have no problems in the least! In fact, my DH & I were married on a Friday the 13th & we consider it a lucky number for us. I guess we are one of the few who do. LOL