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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yes, I am fine with compliments......

...keep 'em coming!

Having spent a good deal of time this past week with family members that I don't get to see very often--I found myself in the enviable position of having to accept a lot of compliments....on my weight loss. I mean, aunts in their 80's, cousins from out of town and family friends from long ago all had something to say--over and over again. Everyone was ga-ga over the fact that I actually lost all this weight. It was like...."oh my really did lose weight!" What did they think I was going to do?
At times, it was quite embarrassing with all the talk about how I look, how much weight I lost and just how amazing it all is. There were times that I felt as if I stole the show--right there at the funeral home!! But, I am 100% positive that my Aunt Mary was up there in heaven thrilled that I managed to show up at her viewing---in a size 10. That was just the way she was. She didn't like being fat and she didn't like the people she loved to be fat either. She was one of those folks who always had something to say about, yeah, I know she was very happy I didn't come to say my final good byes to a fat girl.
By the end of the two days, the compliments were dwindling. Unless you count those few times my one aunt would walk by me and shake her head in disbelief and say "I just can't believe how good you look!"
Right before I was ready to leave the after-funeral luncheon--an older cousin who had not said a word to me about my weight loss the entire time--came over to me and whispered "can you stand another compliment?" Since I hadn't heard one in a while (and I was getting so used to being given them every 5 minutes for 48 hours straight), I turned to him and said "bring it on!" To which he replied, in a deep whisper-- "fuckingfabulous" .

That's just what I was going for.


Kathy said...

I'm sure you had mixed feelings, considering what you were there for but it also had to be pretty wonderful to hear all the compliments. Good for you, you deserve some positive input for all your efforts.

Jody V said...

Dear Judi -

You are the definition of "fuckinfabulous". Look it up in Webster sister...your picture is there.