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Monday, November 23, 2009

Thankful.....once again......

It's the final Monday of November.
It's time to give thanks.

Remember...that's what we're doing here on Mondays in November.
We're not bitching and moaning about the fact that it's Monday.
We're kicking off our week with a simple thank you....
I'm saying thanks for the little things I often overlook.....things that probably never get the respect and thanksgiving they deserve....
If you need a little here

So, what seemingly insignificant, simple, little thing am I thankful for on this fourth and final Monday of November?
Let's see--on the first Monday, I was thankful for chili beans.
On the second Monday, I was thankful for Monday diets.
On #3, I was thankful for sturdy lawn and leaf bags.
And, now as we usher out the month and begin preparing for the special day when we give a big thanks for all of the wonderful things in our lives, I am taking today to be thankful for Lip gloss.
Yes, that's right blog friends---
Lip gloss.
So self-explanatory.....


Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for highways that take you to friend's homes were happy hugs await.Highways that take you shopping, to fun restaurants and to buy wine...lots of wine.Highways that take you "home" where your heart is waiting.


Gerry said...

I'm thankful that my two sons are starting to get along now that they have reached adulthood.

The Universe said...

You see, the thing about Miracles-in-the-Making, or M&M's as they're affectionately called here, Judi, is that they must be disguised amongst the plain and ordinary events of each day. Until, of course, they come to pass, at which point the dreamer they had swirled around can comfortably be labeled lucky or blessed. Otherwise you'd be slammed with worshippers and devotees. Believe me, not pretty.

This isn't by divine law, it's just in keeping with the times you're in. Most folks aren't quite ready to have their belief systems blown to pieces with overtly obvious miracles, but this is changing.
Glad you're different,
The Universe

Jody V said...

Sounds bad but...I'm thankful it's not Thursday yet!!