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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I've never walked alone......

on this journey.....and for that, I am thankful.

Often times, when we reach a milestone or a goal, as I have....with losing this weight....we find ourselves so smitten with the our accomplishment and the end result that we forget that we could have never done this alone.
When I think back to the moment when I decided to take on this blog, I vividly recall thinking that I would record my weight loss, maybe share my food intake and document my success in pictures and possibly little stories. It wasn't going to be all that fancy or creative or even time consuming. I just wanted to find a way in those early days to focus myself--make myself accountable to something or someone. I wanted to sit down a few times a week and devote myself to what I was undertaking and make it part of the program. It was not going to have a long was just going to get me through those first critical months.
I'll let you in on a little secret---the reason why I didn't see Stories from the Road having a long life is because at the same time I was starting this blog, I had my eye on starting another blog that was going to be about my passions---my creative endeavors--the things that made me tick. It was called Sweet Judi Blue Eyes. Oh, I had such grand plans for it (in fact, if you check my profile'll see it there "under construction").
Stories from the Road was going to be my starter blog, my test blog so to speak. I mean--how much could a girl talk about her Lap band and losing weight? I imagined myself sitting there writing and exploring the creative side of me--sharing my thoughts, my projects, my writing, the real me and whatever I was up to on my real blog---Sweet Judi Blue Eyes.

But, it didn't quite happen that way....

And, do you know why?
Because of you....
Having you travel this journey with me, my days took on new meaning. YOU made all the difference. Even if I couldn't see you or perhaps I didn't even know you--I knew you were there. I mean--come on--every morning sitting in this little office off of my kitchen typing into a machine to unknown people! Who would have guessed it would become as much a part of me as my shoes? Thus making you not only part of my success but a part of my life.
So, whether you like it or not--you are on this journey with me and it ain't over yet.
Keep those shoes on.
Hope that's okay with you travel buddies!



Debbie said...

When we were little kids I always knew I would someday be reading what you wrote. I never thought it would be on a daily basis. I thought you would write novels. Your blog is so much better than a novel. You read a novel and when you're finished you either share it with someone else, or put it away on a shelf. I open the book titled "Stories from the road" every single day. It makes my day. Somedays you make me laugh, other days you make me cry,(not hard to do) at the very least you make me think. Thank you for that.
My shoes are on old friend.

Kathy said...

It's true. I feel that way too Judi. I feel as though I know you and I only know you because of your blog. But I feel we are friends anyway, if only because of the bond of the LapBand. I hope you don't ever stop your blog. I for one look forward to your posts. They are entertaining and help me to get to know you even better.