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Monday, September 3, 2007

White Shoes.........after Lap Band........

To celebrate the end of white shoe season..........

Pre-Lap Band white shoes.........

After Lap Band White Shoes........

Change your life......change your shoes........!


Anonymous said...

Never saw YOU in bad shoes! But, I can't wait to see you in those white thi-hi boots.

toni said...

mom...those shoes are sexy

Anonymous said...

Hey Judi,
Dropping by to check on you and I see we're talking shoes tonight. Keep up all the great work on your weight loss and your blog. Super stuff!

Harriet Schwartz said...

Hey Judi,

Just to clarify, a cool set of white Nike's go on the A-list, right?

rock on,

Anonymous said...

Good Luck with the port fix today.
Which shoes did you wear?
Thinking about you!
Katie xoxoxo

Bandedbabe said...

Hello from NJ!

I am Bob's cousin (bigbandedbob). He gave me your blog address over the weekend and I've enjoyed it so much. Thanks for giving the banded life a little fun! It is a tough journey so it is nice to laugh. I was banded on July 3 and just got back to work last week (am a teacher) and I am feeling good but very, very tired. I have lost 23 lbs with 134 to go. Maybe I'll meet you when I get to Pittsburgh next! Good luck with your banded life. I'm sure Bob told you we now we have 9 banded people in our family and a few more considering it. Banding runs in our family!

Have a good day Judi!

BibBandedBob said...


Word of warning: I gave out your blog address at our family reunion in Jersey this weekend. I see my cousin Barb already checked in before I could send out a warning that you'll be flooded with NJ Denning's.
Returning to work next week after my first fill. Still dragging but improving. Hope you are doing the same. Seems like your spirit and humor haven't suffered much. Hope we can both make it to a group meeting soon to compare war stories.

Beware of the Denning Family!


Anonymous said...

Hi Judi:
Thanks for the e-card!
Just coming out of my fog from being banded last week. Ouch, ouch, ouch! Couldn't wait to drop in here for a dose of Judi humor. Still on the pain meds but need to get off of them soon. SO HARD!!!
I keep thinking "if Judi survived I can too". You're doing great!

Linda E. (aka WillWearJeansAgain)

Liz (LoveLeanLiz) said...

Wow Judi!

I "left" for a week (got banded!) and look how far you've come! Thanks for the e-card. You are a dear. Thank goodness I had the strength to get on the 'puter today and read your blog. It made me feel 600% better! You are loosing weight and you are living like a normal human being! I am 1 week in and last week I felt like I was hit by a mack truck. This week just an SUV. Keep reminding me that this is what I wanted for my 50th b-day!
You are the best!
I'll be back tomorrow to see what you are up to.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from NJ Judi!

I see our younger family members got here before me. I am Bob's & Bab's aunt. I was banded in Dec of 2005 and my hubby was banded in Jan of 2006. We have both never looked back! My sisters went to Mexico in 2001 to have it done before they were even doing it in the USA. They started the family trend. All of us have enjoyed healthier, happy, better lives because of it. Hubby and I took our first trip to Disney (I am 58, he 61) in May 2007. We felt like little kids and probably acted like little kids too. We have been married 32 years and before that never went on a plane or on a amusement ride. We could not due to our size (me-389 highest, he-395 highest) I just wish we would not have waited so long! At our family reunion we had 9 banders and a few more we are trying to get to go. All us banders went to Atlantic City on Sunday and those who should get it could not make the trip due to limitations. It's a new way of life and takes some getting used to but the payoffs are the best. This is the life we always wanted to live. And we want everyone to have it too. Congratulations on your decision to do this.

Hubby and I enjoyed reading your blog and will visit again. It would be nice to meet the girl behind it when we come to Pittsburgh in November. You'll be a much healthier and thinner person by then! Wooo-hooooo!

Louise & George D.
P.S. I lost 225 lbs. He lost 205! FYI.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Bruce's Hometown State!

I see you are a fellow Bruce (The BOSS) fan! Got your blog address from BIGBANDEDBOB. I'm one of his family of bandsters since May 2004. Just remember it is a tool and not a magic wand and you will do good.

Really enjoyed reading this tonight and hope to come back soon! Good luck on your journey and hope you get good seats fro Bruce!

Rocking in Jersey!