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Friday, September 21, 2007

Farewell, my last FAT summer........

I know, I know.....that's an ugly word. It just makes you feel.....well.....fat. Perhaps I should have used the word OBESE. But, double yuk. That word feels even worse. Even though OBESE is more of a clinical/medical term and FAT is just a lowly adjective (could also be a noun....), the big O seems to sting quite a bit more than the F word. Although they both connote something not real pleasing, I can actually think of some nice things about the word FAT. Think.....a fat wad of cash, a fat pay check, a big, fat get my drift. But, I can't think of one nice thing to say about the word OBESE. Except, of course.......thanks to being OBESE, I got my Lapband. Being just plain FAT would have never given me the opportunity. Which brings me to answering a few questions that people have asked me over the past few weeks. Here goes:

-Knowing what I know now about this surgery and having been through this part of it, would I do it again? Yes. No question. In a heartbeat. For sure. Hell YES.
-Do I miss Diet Coke? Nope. But, I'll bet it misses me. If Coca-Cola goes belly up this year, it's probably because of me.
-What has been the hardest part? The pain in the beginning. But, it's a distant memory.
-What has been the best part? The feeling of hope that I have. And, getting dressed each day.
-Am I hungry? Not really. I have moments that I think I am but they pass quickly.
-Is it hard to cook for my family and not be able to eat it? No. It's wierd but it's actually made my life easier. Not sure why. But, when I do, I'll let you know.
-Is it hard to go out to dinner and not be able to eat anything I want? Not so far. And, I am a really cheap date.
-Can I drink wine? Moderation. Like everything else.
-Any advice to anyone considering having lap band? Don't wait.
-What have my 2 children been fighting about for the past 15 years? They each accuse the other of not being nice to the other one. Same fight. Takes on different themes. But, when you strip away at's the same fight.

My Lap band journey continues down the roads of Autumn!

(looking forward to all you being with me!)


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Anonymous said...

Happy Autumn! It seems like your journey is a good one for you.
I love to read your blog. You are a lovely writer.