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Monday, September 24, 2007

A detour......down memory lane.....

For anyone who has been reading my blog since the beginning----you've been privy to a few stories about my undergraduate days spent in a sleepy little Pennsylvania college town. Most people like to tell stories about their wilder days, I guess. It sort of excuses us for our current not-so-wild selves. It's not that I was all that wild.....I was just young. YOUNG being the operative word. Just don't ask some of my dear college friends about the "I was not all that wild" part....they'll tell you all kinds of tales to disprove it. When JC did that. Or, JC did this. Or, JC did that. (BTW---I am "JC" "college name") In fact, I have one very successful, sophisticated friend who still tells one particular story about me that she can never makes her laugh so hard she snorts. Pretty soon, now that we're nearing the 1/2 century mark, she'll probably have bladder problems when she tries to tell that story. Maybe she should just quit before that happens. Yes---it's a funny story. But, honestly, you really had to be there. Which, of course, she and only a handful of other conscious people could say they were there. God knows what these people think when she shares the infamous "JC-Black Nostril-Baby Oil-Party" story and then starts to snort. But, even if she does stop telling that story--- she seems to have an entire arsenal of JC stories. She just reminded me of one last week. It was one of those ones that I actually owed her an apology for. Better late than never, I say. Yes, I was young. I was busy creating memories for myself and evidently my friends......
But, isn't that what being young is all about.......?

So, this past weekend, we took our dear daughter to visit the sleepy little college town and campus where I spent my younger and more adventuresome days.......

This is where we girlfriends and I. Where they rolled up the carpets to exercise while I sat by and smoked. The deck is new since 1980. The paint job looks the same. And, the "No Parking" sign is exactly as I remember it.

This is the scenic view of the little town.......from a quaint little restaurant that used to one of our favorite college dive bars. Back then, I don't think we really noticed the breathtaking view. When I sent the pictures to my sophisticated friend (the one who tells the story and snorts.....who I love dearly) she had no recollection of the place. Hmmmmm. Wonder what that is all about.......

A view of the campus....nestled in the valley......over to the right of the picture. It's changed so much. The years have been good to it. It's lovely.

Carmen and I on the deck of what used to be the dive bar we all loved so well (the place my dear sophisticated friend can't remember). Times sure have changed since the 70's.....see the NO SMOKING sign! Carmen and I sat on the deck overlooking the glorious view...sipping wine (me), beer (Carmen) and Sprite (Toni). Me--thinking how beautiful the day was, how much fun it would be to sit there with all my dear friends from those by-gone days and just how lucky I was. Carmen--probably hoping the waitress would come back quick so he could order another beer and praying that the Steelers would win on Sunday. Toni--texting the new boyfriend and wondering which one of my friends was the star of the story that I told as we passed the new Student Union and pointed to a particular spot. (I'll never tell........)

Sometimes we take detours on our journey. Detours---the sweetest part of the road.

In Lapband news---- I go to have my Lap Band filled for the first time in the morning. I'm a bit nervous. No, I'm very nervous. Scratch that. I'm nervous, scared and excited. Yes, that sums it up.


Anonymous said...

Hi Judi,
I hope the your lapband fill wnt o.k. & you are resting a little now. Know that the first one is pretty rough (by now you might KNOW that). Usually you are not back at work yet when they do it so you can take it easy and test things out. Not sure why this is your case. But, follow the directions to the letter. Do not get upset if the tech can't do it all at once/they have to take some of it out. That is very routine. VERY. Each fill gets easier. Really. JUST TAKE IT EASY and do the liquids for sure.

Such nice pictures from your trip. Very picturesque.
I will check in on you tomorrow. Try to post your experience or email me. Please.

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you this morning at clinic. Wish I did not have to leave you to go to WORK. Wish I didnt have to work at all. ROTFL A rough morning for my girl Judi! You could have used someone to hold your hair back for you at the porcelian bowl. You looked GREEN! I should have taken your cell phone number to check on you. Hope your doing better now.
The good news is I am down 39 lbs with ONLY 218 to go. The bad news is that I did not get coverage approval for the body lifts. We have to cancel our trip to Aruba for Christmas. No Mexican Santa sex for us. Dr. Mc says first procedure could be as early as Feb.
Might try to appeal but no matter I want it. Stomach skin will hide my BOYS! Did I made you laugh?
P.S. You looked great (except for your GREEN coloring LOL)