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Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm the IT GIRL of Blogland today........

There's a game of IT TAG in Blogland. And, it appears that I've been tagged by my friend, the dear and lovely Daffodil (right before she ran off to the beach, I might add!). Just like the childhood game, it means that I'm "It". The Blogland version of IT TAG goes like this---if you are tagged that means that you have to tell 7 random things about yourself. Yes, it's true....another forum for me to talk about me. Thank you, dear Daff (hope you are enjoying the beach).

Let's start with getting one thing out there--- since this is my blog and I make the rules, I have decided that when this game is played here, I am to be known as THE IT GIRL. I don't like to be called "IT". Never did. So, I am the IT GIRL. Got it? Now, step 2 of the game requires me to find 7 new bloggers to TAG. Naturally, I'd love to follow the rules if I could. But, here's the deal.....I don't know 7 other bloggers. I've been a bit of a snobbish blog neighbor. I've not been going out there and mingling with the other bloggers. It's not that I don't want to meet them. And, it's not that I don't want to play by the rules. It's just that.....well.....besides the fact that I don't know would I be able to choose which 7 to pick if I did know them? I mean, choosing IT GIRLS sounds like a big job. Probably like picking BOND GIRLS. Well, maybe not. But, still......

Speaking of picking and choosing people to play a game---do they still let kids pick other kids for their teams in Gym class? I wonder…..who came up with that hideous idea? And, for THAT matter…..what possessed thousands of educators to embrace that as a best practice? Wasn’t that just the most god-awful feeling….. standing up against the gymnasium wall while Billy and Debbie decides who will be chosen? Naturally, Debbie will choose her best friend. And, of course, Billy will pick the best athlete. Then, Debbie will choose her second best friend. Then, Billy will pick the next best athlete. Their strategy would go on until there’s just a few kids standing there. ( I can still feel that sting….even now, some 30+ years later) At that point, they would look over their prospects with some measure of disgust. Debbie will look at Billy and let out a loud and heavy sigh. “Okay, I’ll take Sandy if you take Edward….” Makes me wonder how many Sandys and Edwards there are in the world who are still trying to live with that memory! Or, worse yet……how many other nameless kids are still suffering from being the last ones standing and having the teacher say “Okay, YOU go over there and YOU go over there…..”??? No one picked them to be on their team. Sometimes they even ate lunch alone. Walked home alone. Sat on the bus alone. Yes, the world can be a ruthless, painful place when you’re wading in the shark infested waters of growing up. We all remember those times, those kids, those situations. Sometimes, we can even remember how it felt....because it happened to us. And, sometimes, even as happens. It's easy to forget how fragile we all are. So, let's see......since this is my BLOG and I am the IT GIRL and I make the rules......I'm going to make a quick change here before I tell 7 random things about me. I am tagging everyone who reads this blog. Yep, that's right.....every person who I know reads it and every invisible person who reads it. YOU ARE ALL TAGGED! That means that after you read this, you have to stand up from your computer, walk over to the first person you see and say something very nice. And, I mean, very nice. I don't care who that person is. Even if it's your arch enemy (yes, YOUR ARCH enemy!) Make sure you get a smile from the person. Now, if there is no one within a 50 ft. radius of you or you can't get up from your chair then your are excused from it for the moment. However, the rule for you is that you must carry this out with the very next person you see. Again, no matter who it is. Yes, that means if the next person you see is your boss, you still have to do this! Just make one person smile and you'll be giving a gift to many more. It is IT TAG at it's finest. Think about IT.

7 Random Things About ME

1. I am left handed

2. The first time I saw my husband was in May of 1970 outside of St. Catherine's of Siena Parish in Beechview. We were waiting for our respective sisters (who were making their First Holy Communion) to come out of the school and parade into the church. He was 13, I was 11. My aunt thought he was cute. My mother agreed. I was in love with another.

3. I do not instinctively know my left from my right. My sisters don't either. My father and uncle ( my dad's brother) ----they don't either! Family trait.

4. I did not get my Drivers' License until a few months after I got married. My husband taught me to drive. I failed my test the first time because he did not teach me how to do a 3 point turn. He told me "no one in my family ever failed their driver test." That was our first official fight of our married life. I am still a little upset with him about all of that........

5. My favorite food is Eggplant Parmagiano.

6. I do not know how to whistle.


P.S. I'd love to know 7 Random Things About YOU!!!!!!


Anonymous said...


I just did something super nice for my little Patty before I left for work. Does that count? My work mate Bub is the closest to me and he wouldn't like it if I did something THAT nice! 8-)
7 Things About ME
-Great Legs
-Long fingers
-Green Eyes
-Lots of love handles
-X rated
-Super sized

You are a fun gal Judi!
8-) 8-)

Anonymous said...

Now you know HOW my morning went! #8 thing about my man: WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
We missed you last nite Judi. You have to see my big man.....! I'm exercising him good!!!! Come home BOB AND LET'S DO IT AGAIN!
Warning to you Judi if you donnot come to class then yuou will be having us post our hay rolls on yuour blog.
Patty xoxoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...


7 Random Things About Mari Beth
-I was banded 6 weeks ago in Pgh PA
-I have lost 26 pounds so far
-I have 160 more lbs to loose
-My sister was banded on September 7 in Mexico. She has lost 18 lbs. She has 231 to go.
-My 19 yro daughter is being banded on November 14 in Mexico. She has 160 lbs to go!
-My boyfriend hopes to be banded by my dr in December. He has 200 lbs to go!
-We are all going to Las Vegas for MY WEDDING when we all reach our goals. A total of more than 800 lbs between the 4 of us!

Thanks Judi for letting me share Our Special Journey with everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hi Judi,

You are doing great! So proud of you!
Your blog is really wonderful! I hope everyone who reads it and everyone who knows you realizes how lucky they are to have you in their life. There's no one quite like OUR JUDI! Every good thing that happens to you makes me smile! This is your moment, Judi!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie!

It's been awhile since I checked your blog but I have been thinking about you. I am still toughing this band out but you seem to be going strong! Woo-hoo!