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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Say Cheese!

You say tomato, I say tOmato, you say potato, I say patato! But, today I am saying.....CHEESE!
Cheddar. Asiago. Provolone. Mozzarella. Havarti. Feta. Fontina. Marscapone.
Mozzarella di Bufala Campana. Gorgonzola. Gouda. American. Gruyère. ooooooooooooooooooooh my!
Yep, I'm talking protein-packed CHEESE! Today, I am introducing cheese as one of the first "solid" foods of my new banded life. To celebrate.....I thought I'd share a few "say cheese" moments to chronicle what brought me to this moment in time. This moment when I'm actually celebrating eating a piece of cheese!

#1-Carmen and I in Florida, MAY 2007

#2-Carmen and I, June 2007

#3-Carmen and I in NC, July 2007

#4-Carmen and I--last night--4 weeks after having Lap Band Surgery

Now, do you get it?
In my pre-banded life, I just ATE the cheese....and lots of it! In my new banded life, I celebrate cheese. Celebrating is a whole lot more fun......


Anonymous said...


Looking good! Love the new 'do!
The difference in the pics compared to last night are incredible. You must be thrilled (hubby must be thrilled too!).
Hope you had fun wherever you were!

Bethel said...

You are already looking AMAZING, Judi! I am SO PROUD of you! Savor every bite of that cheese, girl. You have earned it. : )

Anonymous said...

Judi -
I have really enjoyed reading all the way back to the beginning of your blog. My surgery was last week- Sept. 5th. I'll be looking to you for inspiration. Your sister, Denise, lives next-door to my sister-in-law, and she sent me the blog. I am proud of both of us!

Anonymous said...


I can't believe the transformation. Already! After only one month! Please post a new pic every month. It's just so great to see you transforming and knowing that you are so happy.
You look absolutely gorgeous! That's my Judi!

Anonymous said...

I am almost 2 weeks banded and I THINK I am feeling better. I am not 100% but I am not as bad. Seeing your picture really gives me hope for the short term.
Good luck going back to work. I just can't imagine it right now for me. I hope they welcome you back with open arms and not scouls (like I will face). Keep posting when you go back to work if you can. T-Y!
Hubs is cute!

Linda E. (aka WillWearJeansAgain)

Anonymous said...

CELEBRATE your cheese with a little vino? Is that allowed? If so, that's a celebration!

p.s. you guys make a cute couple!

Anonymous said...


You look much better without that RED NOSE! Someone got sunburnt! ROTFL!!!
You and that cute SO of yours look like you truly like each other. A rare thing!
Wow, the difference between the picture of you in NC and yesterday is pretty wild!
Like someone else said, please keep posting pictures monthly.

x0x Tracey

Anonymous said...

Hey Judi!

Love seeing your other half. He ain't "half bad"! It makes me think of the comment you made at one of our sessions about people thinking that after surgery you'd be his "TROPHY WIFE". I'll bet hands down that he thinks your a prize no matter what size you are. If not, he's one crazy guy! The picture of you 2 in Florida is beautiful. So is the one from last night.
Have a great rest of the weekend. Go Steelers!

Anonymous said...

My GOD, I love you Judi!

Your blog is what keeps me going! The pain is unbelievable. And to think, you blogged your way through it and you still have a sense of humor! UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE! James is ready to thro me out with the trash.
You are an inspiration if there every was one. But, I also hate you a little too for being so darn perky and funny. Only kidding!

Keep the fun coming!

KarenB. said...


Thank you for this wonderful blog. It has been my daily kick since you started. I was banded on August 31. I do not think I could have the energy in the beginning to do a blog! Your strength and spirit is inspirational. I have over 150 lbs to loose and feel like it is 15000.
Reading your blog gives me hope and smiles.
Good Luck going back to work. I am off until mid October and I hope to go back a new person and confuse the HELL out of everyone.
I hope you still have time to post everyday. I look forward to it so much and tell everyone about it.