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Sunday, September 30, 2007

It's the simple things, really.........

As I stumbled past our family-central calendar on the fridge early this morning, I realized that September ends today. Tomorrow is October. As I waited for my water to boil for tea, I thought about how quickly the past two months have gone by and how much my life has changed in that very short period of time. So many things have changed. And, as simple as the changes may seem...... they feel like extravagant luxuries. Thanks to the hardest simple decision I ever life is simpler.
-I can shave my legs in the shower
-I can bend down to tie my shoes
-I can get out of my car with my purse.....all in one move
-I can choose between more than 10 pair of the same black pants
-I don't NEED the banister to get up the steps
-I can turn over in bed in one move
-Every pair of underwear in my drawer fits
-I feel hope. Real hope. Not the kind of hope I have to talk myself into. The kind of hope that when you open your eyes in the morning, it's just there. The kind of hope that you feel when you try on a pair of pants that are too tight and you know you WILL fit into them soon. It's just that good.....

For the first time in many, many years---my heart truly feels like it can't wait to WELCOME every waiting minute, day, week, month.....and beyond! So, bring on October!

I'm ready!!!
Me and my Lapband.


Anonymous said...

Hi Judi,
Your blog may be an mental excercise for you but it is inspiring and encouraging for us who read it. Even though I love all of your entries, this one was the one that really felt like you were talking to just me so I had to let you know that I am here. Tears came to me. Even though you don't know me. BTW, I found you through LBT. People who never fought the pounds and the limits from them could never get it and we don't talk about these limits with people. You always seem to tell one of my secrets that I felt so embarrassed about. It is like you know me. But it's just that you know the lmits and the problems from obesity and you find a way to make it sound normal and even sometimes funny. One thing that I find to be the best thing that has happened since I was banded in July is that now that panty hose season is here I can get them on without falling over a few times. I feel safe sharing knowing that you understand that. We have so many secrets that we hide from the world. I love you for helping me see that I am not alone. Your encouragement to LBT people and information filled LBT posts to people and your blog talks show that you have a good heart and mind. You should have a radio show or write for a magazine.
I just needed to tell you.
Thank you, Laura
sorry about The Steelers today.

Anonymous said...

Hey Judi!
Another stellar post! My family knows I am reading one of yours when they hear me laughing or saying "YES, YES". You're like a rock star or celeb at my house! My DD says "Is that Judi?"