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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Get your own damn bottle!!!


Remember I told you that this weekend was all about PUMPKIN?
Yeah, well, I should have been a little more's all about squash. 
Pumpkin is a squash so it wasn't like I was lying or anything.
You see, I have given myself the weekend task of coming up with hearty vegetarian, Thanksgiving-worthy dishes.
Lucky for me, I remembered a very specific dinner party hosted by one of fabulous friends last fall where she made this absolutely amazing Butternut Squash lasagna roll up dish that everyone went ga-ga over.  Although pasta is not usually my friend (because of my Lap band and all), I do recall eating the yummy filling out of the roll up and being smitten by the butternut squash sauce so much so that I nearly licked that plate clean.
So, I called my fabulous friend and asked for her recipe.
She hesitated a bit.
Then, she said...."Okay, promise you won't judge me..."
"Um.  Okay.  I won't..."  I replied.    
"It is a jarred sauce I get on Amazon...."  she revealed.  "It's gourmet and know!"  she said, trying to make it all seem legit....
"Well, I can do jarred sauces from Amazon...I know that recipe."  I laughed. 
"Yeah, but you've never used a jarred sauce in your life!"  she chirped.
"Ah, you would be surprised ...."  I told her.
Anyway....she gave me all the info on the jarred sauce and I immediately ordered my supply.
And...her recipe for the roll-up....."I don't know....just  GOOGLE lasagna roll ups with butternut squash..."  she said...
I just love my girlfriends.
So, I followed her instructions and GOOGLED 'lasagna roll ups with butternut squash' and what to my wondering eyes did appear?
THIS recipe from one of my all time favorite recipe bloggers.....The Proud Italian Cook. 
It was like the moon and starts aligned and I was living in OZ!

Buy this sauce.
Make these roll-ups.
You can thank me later.  

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Jody V said...

So glad I'm back to following your blog!!!