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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Where did that lumpy thing come from?

All of a sudden, there's this thing that's appeared in my midsection......what could it be?
 A love handle?  An extra boob?  A camel hump containing wine for those thirsty moments?  A gin bucket?  My Lapband poking out? was clad in GOLD......!
Well, whatever it is, it's messing with my look. 
This damn thing is just always there....taunting me and trying to wear me down.
But, I'm stronger than that annoying lump.
And, smarter.
Much smarter.
It's time to outsmart this damn lump.
Time to show this lump who's boss.
Midsection I come!

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FitBy40 said...

Agh! I've been noticing pits and parts on me that I don't like either, and it drives me nuts! I need to get back to yoga and "Insanity" for sure.
Getting older sucks!