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Friday, October 4, 2013

Fashion ME Fall.......

I love, love, love FASHION! 
(shocking, I know! )

And, I have this horrible addiction to Chico's........

Oh yeah, and I am disgustingly vain.....
And...for the record.....did I ever mention that I adore shoes beyond reason?
Um.....and....did I happen to tell you that I have a whole list of other baubles and lotions and potions that bring me complete joy and utter rapture?  
Yep, these things are all true.  

Okay, now that I'm come clean on a few things, I'm good.  
I can now talk fashion without any guilt whatsoever........

I don't need an excuse to be thinking about clothes.
But, the change of season really kicks my thinking about clothes head  into hyper drive.  
The other night, I had a little time in the hair salon chair--got my Fall hair color going on, got a little trim, had some stacking done in the back.   I followed it up with some facial waxing and a quick stop at the Estee Lauder counter for a new Fall lip shade....
Yes, it was all so rushed but it was definitely a yummy way to spend a work night.  
The next morning (which was yesterday!), as I was getting dressed....all of the sudden....I had nothing to wear.
Yeah, tell that to my family.....
I blame it completely on the deeper hair shade, the tidy little hair trim,  the new lip color and the fact that it was going to be 80 degrees outside.  
Thankfully, I was able to cobble an outfit together (haha!) that worked out just fine but I couldn't help but spend a great of my trip into the office and in between meetings and projects and on the trip home and then deep into the night....thinking about Fall Fashion.  

I think I need a shopping FIX....wouldn't you agree?
(followed by a facial, a massage, a few martinis, a winery visit,  roaring laughter and basking in the joy of friendship.....)

Thank God my girls getaway  weekend with my college friends is here!  

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