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Thursday, October 10, 2013


Is the secret  CAFFEINE?  
Because, if you know know I love the pumped up feeling that caffeine gives me....I'm very into jolts!  Some days, it's the only thing that gets me from *HERE to THERE*.....

My CHAI LATTE keeps me going!!!!

If anyone is friends with me on Facebook or looks closely at a lot of the pictures I post on this blog....they may notice that many pictures of me having me holding a cup of my favorite caffeine fix....Starbuck's Chai Latte.
So, by now, I am sure you are convinced that I live on Chai Lattes!  
Yes, I admit, I have a pretty big addiction to this stuff.
I can thank my Lap Band for that addiction.
(just another reason to love my Lap Band!)
You see, in the early years of Lap Banding, Starbuck's used to have something called "an energy shot" that could be added to their drinks.  Manoman, I was in love with that stuff. (if anyone recalls, I nearly lost it when they dropped energy shots from their offerings!).  I was like a junkie who needed a fix when it came to those energy shots!  And, since I was also hyper-mindful of getting enough protein in my diet, I would also include a "protein shot" in my drink--another add-on that has since fallen off their menu.  I looked forward to those Starbuck's visits....they got me through  my cravings and through mourning the loss of diet coke and gin and tonics and pasta and fillintheblank. 
In those early Lap Banding days, I would find ways to "treat" myself.  It's a little trick I've always used to help me get through things.   Call it a coping mechanism....but, whatever it is, my planned treats have helped me in many aspects of life--the bumps and bruises as well as the small things that caused inconvenience or discomfort.  Whether it be a Chai Latte or a spa day or a pair of great shoes or a solid day spent in my kitchen cooking, I would ease the pain and suffering of whatever I had to do (that felt a little bit hard) by promising myself some kind of treat to support me through it or for when it was all said and done.  It always made things a little more bearable....helping me in more ways than I can count....
Chai Lattes are one of those easy treats that I rely on.....
Perhaps it's the caffeine that really helps me get through these certain things....but I'd like to think that it's the fact that I TREAT myself  with my favorite dose of gets me through it.....

The proof? 
An early morning train to NYC after a very late night of wine and song.....the perfect time for a Chai Latte!

Surviving the streets of NYC.....give this girl a Chai Latte!

Still standing after a day at the wineries in Niagara on the Lake.....a Chai Latte will keep me standing!

Hanging out in the early morning hours with my coworkers at the buggy races....a Chai Latte is the only way to go!

Packing up another year at college......Chai Latte to the rescue!

A hot and steamy 4th of July.....bring on the Chai Latte! 

Facing a day of Christmas shopping.....ring in the Chai Latte!

The wine bus is late!  OMG....I am thirsty! Quenching with a Chai Latte!

OMG it's cold!  Warm me up with a Chai Latte!

My son is running a marathon!!  Gotta get my Chai Latte on!

A day of hauling big pumpkins......Chai Lattes are a must! 

A visit to the nursery.....need a Chai to help me decide on which blooms to buy! 

The end of a lovely Mother's Day weekend visiting my son......Chai Latte heals my heart! 

Spending a hot day visiting an old church.....God bless me with a Chai Latte please! 

Be kind to yourself......promise yourself TREATS!
(and, if you haven't tried a Chai might be a good time to treat yourself with one!)
You can THANK ME later.....

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