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Monday, October 7, 2013

Postscripts from my girlfriend getaway weekend.......

Well, I was right.
I can't leave Judiland all on it's own.
Remember when I wrote this post?   
I was wrestling with myself about going to  my girls' weekend. 
I had excuses after excuses about why I just could not go. 
But, I told myself that I had to go.....I deserved to go.
So, I made plans to go....I carefully figured everything out and made sure Judiland was able to spin all on it's own.  Everything was in place.  I was packed. 
But, my father had other plans.   
He decided he wanted to go to the hospital at 4 in the morning on Saturday. 
I was leaving for my weekend at 8 am. 
Eh.....nope I wasn't leaving at 8 am.
In fact, leaving was not in the picture. 
One of my dear friends called me and said......"just try to get away for some of it......the parts that you need most".
Funny, I needed all the parts!!!!
So, with my father's situation not a threat (we think he just wanted to go visit the nurses in the emergency room.....he likes new audiences), I did what I do best......I figured it out. 
It wasn't exactly the weekend I imagined but I was able to take part of in a few of the lovely events.....the massage, the winery, the martini happy hour, and the after happy hour shopping trip (btw...don't shop after 2 martinis with friends who also had 2 end up with very expensive leopard pants!) on Saturday and the Chef's Table Luncheon on Sunday.   

 Look what I would have missed>>>

So, what do five 50+ year old college friends talk about when they finally leave the trappings of their lives and gather at one's incredibly fabulous home for a gourmet luncheon put on by 2 renowned local chefs?   
Why, BORAX, of course.......
Did you know this stuff can perform miracles? 
(it was the talk of our Chef's Table luncheon....even the chefs chimed in!) 

Who knew?  

So, it wasn't the weekend that I had thought it would be .......I spent more time driving the highways than I did lounging and relaxing.   And, I certainly didn't expect to talk about Borax!
But, it was good.  
Lounging and relaxing is over rated anyhow.  

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