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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Well, that was fun......

but, let's be honest......I'm just a little bit TIRED.....
Hopefully, everyone has sufficiently recovered from their grillin' and chillin' and fireworks and sparklers and sangria and beer and their special family moments...... 
Here in Judiland, I am just coming back to life after 5 days of non stop nonstopping. 
Thankfully, on Sunday night, my new college grad was doing some at-home entertaining and opted to do everything herself.    *Hey, be my guest, sweetie.....mommy is done.....*
So, she sent us off to our bedroom early.  
We gladly obliged.  And, I mean....we gladly obliged!
I swear, we even struggled to make it up the steps. 
Although we toted our laptops and the Sunday paper and our huge jug of water with us and I planned to watch some reality TV.....none of that happened.
No sooner did I have a chance to plump up the pillows, set up my comfy little in-bed station and put on the TV, Carmen was passed out next to me and I followed soon after. 
We didn't even hear the guests arrive.
My daughter lucked out this time.....I was so wiped out, I didn't even have a chance to eavesdrop on her little party.
Clearly, we needed those extra hours of sleep.
Lesson learned......sometimes you just gotta take off your party pants and go to bed.  
Partying with my spirited gal pals deep into the night and early morning hours.....

Hanging with Eileen at one of the best parties of the season!

Celebrating our 36th Fourth of July together.....with margaritas (much better than the hijacked cheap beer and hidden Sloe Gin we celebrated our first Fourth of July with!)

Gotta go to work today so I can PARTY again tomorrow......

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