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Thursday, July 25, 2013


Picture and caption from THE TRIBUNE REVIEW

Last week, a church in our area passed out free coffee and water to drivers on their way into work for a project they call MISSION: POSSIBLE.
Being that we were experiencing a heat wave and the humidity was at record highs---even during the early morning hours--I had to applaud those church members who stood out there on the sidewalks as cars idled in rush hour traffic.  It couldn't have been the most comfortable experience.  Yet, day after day, there they stood--holding trays of hot coffee or carrying baskets filled with cold water.  As the week wore on, I took note of the fact that every one of them--from the young kids to the senior citizens who were participating--had huge smiles on their faces and were filled with energy and exuberance as they waved at drivers and offered them coffee and/or water.  Even though I don't drink coffee nor felt the need to take a water everyday,  their kindness and their smiles filled me up--making my usual notsofun drive into work a much more enjoyable experience.   The Mission Possibilers filled me up all the way to work! 
So, I got to thinking---
Perhaps we all  need  a friendly face and a warm smile and some kindness to fill us up.
Perhaps that's why we stop at fast food places--eating on the run-- more often than we should.   Maybe it's not always about the french fries or the triple decker burgers or the donuts or the ice cream sundaes.  Maybe we just need to put a smile on our hectic day or feel the warmth of someone handing us something.  Maybe we don't always need the food or the drinks.....we just need the human touch. 
I often think about this very same thing when I visit one of my favorite neighborhood establishments.
Granted, I have a thing for their martinis and their crab cakes.  But, more than that, I have a thing for the people who work there.   Yes, I know, I am a sucker for bar tenders---I can't help myself.  And, I have a super soft spot for waiters and waitresses too.  Perhaps I would go there even if they didn't have great Happy Hour deals, yummy martinis (half off on Thursdays!) and tasty crab cakes ($7 on the Happy Hour appetizer menu!).   The people keep me coming back.  They put the smile on my day even before my lips hit my martini glass or my fork digs into my crab cake.
Evidently, the combination of feeling the warmth of nice people and enjoying something that tastes good makes for a perfect combo.
So, where am I going with this?
Nowhere in particular.
Just some things I'm thinking.  

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