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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Senior she comes!

Without me......

I would be lying to you if I didn't tell you that I am feeling sad and *this* close to tears this morning. 
Thankfully, I have not put my make up on yet because I am pretty sure that the waterworks will be opening up any minute now.....

Today my sorority girl will be heading back to her college life.....for her fourth and final year.
For the past three years, the move itself was a huge part of the process of me dealing with her leaving.
However, because of some work commitments and other obligations that I have to contend with, I am not going to take that road trip.
Thankfully, our son is still home on his little stop over between his PhD and doing what he is doing next.  So, he is taking over the duties of packing up  the SUV with all of  her earthly belongings, taking the trip to collegeland carrying all of earthly belongings and maneuvering all of her earthly belongings up to her attic room at the sorority house.  
As harrowing and exhausting as that all sounds, I have to tell you---I will miss it.
The move itself has always been a part of the process that helped me deal with what lies ahead---missing the life and laughter my girl brought to our home. 
My sweet girl and I had a wonderful summer.
The memories that remain will bring me  many smiles  and yes, a few tears.......
It was truly the best summer ever......(I know I say that every year but I mean it this time!)
My 2 children and I at a family celebration....

Toni counting down to 21!
The girls--ready to hit the bars at midnight on Toni's 21st!
Midnight at the bar on her 21st Birthday!

Toni at her first official Happy Hour with Mom....on her 21st Birthday!
Toni and Cousin Matt at the Kenny Chesney Concert (with my sister and my cousin in the background)....

Toni and her long-time friend Ali at the Kenny Chesney concert

Toni and I at Gamble Mill--Celebrating Vince's PhD

Last night.....Toni and I sharing a bottle of wine and antipasti at one of our favorite summer watering holes
--bidding farewell to our summer together...8-(

For today.....I will be gentle with myself. 
I might also need to go to Happy Hour.... without my favorite newly minted 21 year old.....

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Chris said...

Oh, Judi! She will be awesome, as usual - after all, she takes after her mom :)

A virtual toast to you, my dear - thinking of you and hoping the tears were over quickly. You must be so proud of both of those amazing kids of yours!