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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Need YUMMY soft foods? I'm your MAMA!

Baked ricotta with roasted tomatoes.....yumo!

Trust me, I know all about  great tasting soft foods and liquid foods.
In fact, I'm pretty much an expert.  Thanks to my Lap band.  
Ask any Lap banded person and they will rattle off a list of no less than 101 of them in 30 seconds flat.
We got it all figured out.
Not only were we subjected to the liquid diet phase and the mushy food phase of Lapbanding (making us true authorities on the subject!) , we also know very well that soft mushy foods and liquids go right through our Lap bands....thank you very much.    
Every once in awhile, some of us (ah-hem) do partake in  mushy food and liquid binges....yes, it's true.   
Don't forget---us Lap banded folks knew our way around food before our Lap bands so we made it our business to know a thing or two about the kind of food we could eat with abandon after our Lap band!  We're smart like that.....
So, if you're going to have any kind of surgery or procedure that requires you to only eat soft foods or consume's good to be my daughter. 

It's oral surgery day for Toni here in Judiland.
It's a pretty ugly surgery.....definitely not one to look forward to.
She's had her fair share of teeth-related issues these past few years.
And, I'm pretty sure I'm keeping the dentist community is business!
Not fun.  Nope, not fun at all!
My heart is hurting.....
Although she is the one having the surgery and I have complete sympathy for what she will have to endure, her mommy needs a little love too. 
So, what do I do when I need a little love?
Yep, I head into the kitchen.  
That's where I have been all night long.
We can't let my little Size 2 princess starve now can we?
And, we can't let her mother lay awake all night with worry staring blankly into space.
Put the two together and you've got a huge smorgasboard of every damn soft food imaginable!
With everything I've been cooking in my kitchen for the past 10 hours,  I'm pretty sure I could feed 25 oral surgery patients, 25 Lapbanders in the mushy phase and about 5 Lapbanders just looking to comfort themselves with Lap Band friendly foods!
Now, here's the real challenge.....
With all this  amazing band friendly food around the house and me in a bit of a stressed out mode.....let's keep our fingers crossed that I don't need too much comforting.....

Welcome to Judi's Soft Food Emporium......

Chocolate pudding, lemon pudding and vanilla bean ice cream!  


Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

I'll be there shortly! Best of luck to your beautiful daughter. I hope she mends quickly!

Anonymous said...

You are a bitch. Seriously. You need to be negative, and bitch about others. How old are you? Get a fucking life, BITCH.

Anonymous said...

I love how you need to dump on others, and you think it is permissable. They did not even say anything negative, really, whereas you are a total bitch. Do you feel good about yourself? Self richeous hag. I bet a lot of people in your family and in your life hate you.

I also bet that I am at LEAST 25 years younger than you (at least). What I said was not blatently disrespectful, til you commented, but now I will be on bitch mode for you, you cunt.

Anonymous said...

"Got it Vodka Mom! I'll miss you and your stories. Don't ever BLAME yourself for talking in your own space. Take a breather, a nap or whatever you need....we'll be here when you get back! BTW, I'm not real crazy about that Anonymous person who wastes so much energy and time with her long finger-wagging comments.I sure hope Anonymous finds a new punching bag while you are gone. Folks like anonymous can't go too long without trying to right the world with their perfection!
Onward VM!

How much time did you waste putting down someone that you don't even know? And I had one comment, and it was NOT finger wagging, it was actually, in a way, supportive of what VM was going though. YOUR comment, however, was very short sighted, and accusitory. Again, HOW OLD ARE YOU? And how appropirate was your comment? I can PROMISE that I am at least (at the VERY least) 25 years your junior. So at least I have time to change.

You, on the other hand, will always just be a bitch.

I bet your children, if you have any, can not stand you.

Anonymous said...

Annnnd you'll notice that until I posted a few pissed off comments that you only had ONE other comment here. ONE.

I admit my reaction was not mature, at all, but I don't see where you get off.

I seriously worry about you - because I think you probably make a habit of ripping others down and talking negatively.

You suck.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, okay! I GET it! You used to be fat, and you are obsessed with exterior image! I get it now - the need to feel better than others, more richeous etc!

Classic!!!! I totally get your mentality now, and did not realise where your words came from. Now that I do, I apologize for being honest about what I thought about you.

I hope you can continue to grow on your journey. I feel so sorry for you! Please erase my comments, as I will not bother you anymore, you poor thing!!!

I am glad your white capris are so wonderful, and I hope you can appreciate what is on the INSIDE of people.

Good and healing throughts to you! I hope that you can find light and love for yourself and others on your journey!

(I have never been obese, but I really feel for those that are defined by their weight. Good for you for getting the self control to maintain the weight loss! I hope that self control also makes its way into other areas of your life! GOOD FOR YOU!)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,I am Judi's sister Denise, I need to say a few things regarding your comments. First of all,she has 2 wonderful children, 3 nieces and 4 nephews (one of them my son) who love her dearly and read her blog,they do not need to see your vulgar language. She is a wonderful person and is not deserving of your rude comments. She has so many friends who know what a kind and caring person she is. Why would you say such rude things to anyone is beyond me, you don't even know her, if you did you would love her like the rest of us. There are alot of people who read her blog and enjoy it, they also do not need to read your rude comments. I would suggest you stay off her blog, if you have nothing nice to say you don't belong here. You really don't want all of her friends, family and fans to comment on what they think of you. If you were my daughter I would be washing your mouth with soap, no matter how old you are.

Anonymous said...

This comment will be labeled from Anonymous, but my name is Andy, and some people here will know who I am. Anonymous, if that is your real name, you ask where she get's off? Where do you get off flaming someone so shamelessly, and not using your name? It's kind of embarassing, but what would one suspect of someone yjsy is "25 years your junior!" Like that is some type of right of passage... That's the exact opposite, and is proof that you are just an immature, scared little twit... Probably someone who never heard the word no, but never had any friends, either and gets satisfaction from insulting people on the internet for being proud of their accomplishments and being a half-way decent writer. Maybe you're jealous because you can't post one comment without a swear word, with decent sentence structures, and intelligent thought. Poopoo on you... Go find somewhere else to get your rocks off online, like the Justin Bieber fanclub forum. People there might be in your age range, and respect what you have to say, even though you are too callow to use your name.

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