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Sunday, August 5, 2012

In the blink of a young girl's eye....... happens.  
My little girl is 21!  Oh my!  I love having a Happy Hour buddy!

I've been thinking a lot about life.......

 In the past 30 days, my son got his PhD, my daughter turned 21 and I have maintained my 100+ weight loss for 5 years.....
Maybe that's why I've been thinking about life.

So many milestones.....

I can't pinpoint the moment when I began to think about life.
And, I can't pinpoint exactly  what prompted all of this thinking.
I'm guessing it has something to do with the moments that happen during the course of just a regular life..

I am thinking about the moments  that you look back on and say---wow, yeah, that really did my life.  
I have an amazing son who is a DOCTOR and I have  a gorgeous daughter who is 21 and I am not fat!  
When the hell did that  all happen?

I swear I was just 17 and smoking cigarettes under the bleachers....

The moments just keep on coming....without fanfare or fireworks.....
I guess I always thought that life would be dramatic somehow.   Like in the movies or the soap operas.
Right before a big thing was going to happen---music would begin to play.  The music would get more intense until that final moment when the big thing happened....then the melody would coo softly  and you would sit there and reflect in a dreamy sort of way. There might even be tears.
It would be very cinematic and touching.

I never thought moments would just sneak up without music or at the very least....some extra time to savour them.
Am I making any sense to anyone?

I  swear I was just 17 years old.  

I am now 53 years old.
I'm still hanging out with the same cute guitar strumming, super-intense but pretty damn funny (when he is relaxed enough to be) engineer that I've been with all of my adult life...and even some of my non-adult life.  
That cute engineer and I managed to raise two pretty damn great kids.
We are blessed with an amazingly talented son who just finished his long and intense journey to becoming a Phd....who is now leaving the place he's always called home to do things that I could have never imagined a child of mine to do.  My heart is filled with joy yet it  hurts.....
 And, there's that gorgeous, fashionable, beautifully spirited daughter of ours---who I swear danced right out of my dreams--that will be entering her senior year of college---immersed in a life that I could have only wished for her.  How did her college years go so fast?
And, then...there's me.......not living the life of an obese all of these moments. 

It's enough to take my breath away. 


speck said...

You made perfect sense. I loved reading this. It sounds like you have great kids. Life is good!


FitBy40 said...

My kids are only in kindergarten and first grade and I constantly think about how they're growing up way too fast so I can totally relate to this post!
You've done a fantastic job of being a mom. What a wonderful time in your life. Enjoy it!