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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why didn't I think of this?

Lapband for the mind!

Sometimes you come upon the right words at the right time.
And, all of a sudden---things become so crystal clear that you find yourself wondering why in the hell you didn't think of that.  It would have solved so many problems.... 
The other day as I perused one of my favorite online sites, I came upon this little ditty.  
It was as if I was hit with a rocket.  All of a sudden, I realized that this mindset is the perfect companion piece to my Lapband.  It's exactly what I need....
As I know I have shared many times before---I may not be a dieting girl or a fat girl anymore but that doesn't mean that my dieting and fat girl behavior is no longer a part of me.  Somehow it always manages to kick in when I'm feeling out of control with either a certain food or with portions or with my eating habits. 
I start getting all diety and fatty.   
After many many years of believing that there were bad foods and good foods and that if I ate the bad foods, I was bad---it's so very hard to negate that thinking. And, when I find my control slipping--it's so easy to fall into those wacked-out patterns!
Seeing those words in that little black box and digesting just what it was saying was a true epiphany for me.  The truth of the matter is that we have to stop thinking that we can't have something before we can learn to have it and enjoy it the way we deserve to enjoy it.  Case in point---tortilla chips with gooey cheese dip. Love. Love. Love.  If I believe I can have it then I know that it will always be in my life but if I believe that I can't have it, I am frightened of it going away from my life!  So, if I think I might have to someday banish tortilla chips with gooey cheese dip from my world---I better eat a bag and a vat pronto!  But, if I believe I can have it and it will always be available to me--I know there will always be chips and cheese dip tomorrow.  
Are you following me or am I just bat crazy?



CeeJay said...

You are not bat crazy! That is a very healthy food attitude to have. Once we make foods "bad" or "good" we are only asking for trouble. Great attitude. It's all about how much...not what we eat. Great post. :)

Darlin1 said...

I think a lot like you....the word NO doesn't work for me.

Moderation is my answer!