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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Yes, I am beautiful and special and yes I need those shoes and those pants and that amazing perfume.....

There's nothing better than a spa-martini lunch-shopping-winey dinner makes me feel like I am a Real Housewife.....
I swear I could live that way.......I could do this at least once a week. 
No wonder those Real Housewives have to declare bankruptcy.

There's nothing like a spa day to make you feel beautiful and that you deserve EVERYTHING! 

When I was making the appointments for our spa-la-laing day, we had a few choices of times.
We went back and forth deciding if we wanted to go early or wait until after shopping so that we would be  relaxed, refreshed and lovely for our fancy late dinner.
We ended up choosing to go with the earliest appointment available and  kick off our day with our spa visit--massages, facials, waxing, pedicures and make up applications.
Then, do our martini lunch, then go shopping....then dinner. 
We chose to spa-la-la early so that we weren't bound by too many deadlines--just in case we got sidelined by shopping.  More time for shopping sounded like a good plan.
Clearly, our plan was a marketer's dream come true.
A visit to a spa can make you feel like a gorgeous millionaire oh so special.
There's nothing like lots of pampering and having technicians compliment your skin, your eyes, your smile, your body and your being to make you believe that you are indeed amazingly blessed and worthy.
By the time you walk out the door,  you've spent a great deal of money, you've  tipped everyone to high heaven, you feel uber glorious and damn, you need to reward your beauty by adorning yourself with lovely new clothes and beautiful new shoes and well.....anything else you deem necessary.
Add a martini lunch and woooo baby, that shopping trip is turned up a notch.
There's nothing like walking around a store feeling like you are all that.....

 But, there's got to be a morning after.....

Now, as the light of day has hit and I have had a chance to reflect on our lovely day celebrating my darling daughter's 22nd birthday, I have decided that attending to our bodies is more about attending to our minds than it is about beauty itself.   
Treating ourselves special and having others compliment us and pamper us can do wonders for how we feel about ourselves.  It also empowers us to believe we deserve all of our needs and wants to be attended to.  
Not a bad way to live at all. 
So, what if we find a way to do that all of the time?  
For me.....I am sure it would do wonders for my self esteem and my motivation to maintain my weight.
DEFINITELY.   Although it might mess with my bank account.....and possibly my marriage.   
I'm not sure if I am willing to give up either just so I could feel like a million bucks all the time.  
But, it's given me something to think about.

Do I really need to go and spend tons of money at a spa to kick off everyday feeling absolutely beautiful and deserving?




speck said...

Great post.

I agree, I feel like a million bucks when I pamper myself. You know, even if money was sky's the limit, I would still try to find that sale! It's just in my personality to do that.

I'm with you though, I question myself about those extras.

I have a daughter transferring to another college and it is going to cost way more than where she is at now. I've been wanting to get nails again. But when I think of the upkeep and time, I just put it off.

I completely understand what you are saying.

Thanks for shopping and I know you enjoyed that pampering.

Barbara said...

Hi Judi: I joined Hand and Stone a spa service in our area, where I am forced to go for a monthly massage and facial!!!!